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At Barbaware, we believe that self-improvement starts with simple things, like a proper grooming routine. We believe that only once you invested in yourself, can you really start to invest in making the world a better place for the people you love. We not only focus on providing men with excellent products, but also on providing the tools they need to invest in themselves.


The best beard grooming kits




The best men's grooming products


  • 2 Review(s)

    URBAN BEARDSoftens and conditions the beard Naturally improves beard's bristles texture Improves facial blood circulation Promotes faster beard's growth Made with boar bristles Made in Canada    

    USD $18.44
  • 2 Review(s)

    Peregrine Supply CoPerfect beard starter kit Promotes a healthy beard growth Softens, cleanses and moisturizes Park Ranger line Suitable for all skin types Handmade in Canada Only 100% natural ingredients    

    USD $41.48 USD $46.09
  • 2 Review(s)

    BIG RED BEARD COMBSClassic beard grooming products Beard oil, beard balm and beard comb Ideal for medium to long beards Moisturizes, conditions and nourishes facial hair & skin Prevents and relieves irritation and itching Ensures a healthy beard growth Products made with 100% natural ingredients All products are handmade in Canada    

    USD $48.39
  • 1 Review(s)

    Urban BeardMoisturize & soften the beard Prevent itching & dandruff Promote beard growth 100% natural ingredients Made in Canada    

    USD $29.19
  • Big Red Beard CombsMakore & maple wood Long & round teeth For mid to long beard Anti-static beard comb Engraved with the Jerry sailor pin-up girl Handmade in Canada    

    USD $17.67
  • Mammoth Beard Co.Premium quality hazelnut and hemp beard oil Nourishes, moisturizes, conditions and softens Perfect for beards of any length Prevents beard's dandruff and itching Light beard oil Champaca, sandalwood and vanilla bourbon scents 100% Natural and local ingredients Handmade in Calgary, Canada    

    USD $20.74
  • 2 Review(s)

    Bossman BrandsTrains the mustache's hairs Light mustache wax Softens and moisturizes the hair Strong hold formula Perfect for natural looks Unscented mustache wax Made in United-States    

    USD $15.36
  • Rebels RefineryDeeply cleans from head to toe Moisturizes, conditions and softens Rejuvenating property for skin and hair Seductive & unique scent Suitable for all skin types Handmade in Canada    

    USD $10.75
  • Peregrine Supply CoMoisturizes, firms and rejuvenates the skin Detoxifying products Free the pores of the skin Suitable for all skin types Made in Canada 100% natural ingredients    

    USD $17.67
  • 4 Review(s)

      FOR EACH LUXURE ELIXIR SOLD BEFORE NOVEMBER 20TH:  ✔ $10 WILL BE GIVEN TO THE RÉNO-JOUETS FOUNDATION✔ Free Delivery anywhere in Canada    OFFER A SMILE NOW!   LET'S GO!     Barbaware Men's GroomingAll-in-one cologne type nourishing oil formula Fragrance inspired by luxury colognes Unique manly, provocative & seductive scent For...

    USD $46.09
  • 6 Review(s)

    Urban BeardAll Essential Beard Cares Cleans and Softens the Beard Prevents Itchy Beard Promotes Healthy Beard Growth Promotes Healthy Skin Made with Natural Ingredients Made in Canada    

    USD $55.31
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    Mammoth Beard Co.Premium quality complete beard grooming kit Beard oil, beard balm, beard wash and moustache wax Essential to nourish, moisturize, condition and soften its beard Prevents beard's dandruff and itching Ideal for medium to long beards 100% Natural beard care products Proudly handmade in Calgary, Canada    

    USD $79.12
  • 1 Review(s)

    Rebels RefineryEssential products for a healthy facial skin A cleanser, a scrub, an anti-wrinkle and an under eyes moisturizer Cleans, moisturizes, soothes and protects Prevents wrinkles and dark circles Improves the skin's elasticity Suitable for all skin types Made in small batches in Toronto 100% Natural ingredients    

    USD $46.86
  • Bossman BrandsNourishes, moisturizes and conditions Light beard oil Perfect for beards of any length Suitable for all skin types Sandalwood, vanilla, bergamot, patchouli & frankincense scents Made in USA with 100% natural ingredients    

    USD $19.20
  • Peregrine Supply CoProtects, moisturizes and prepares the facial skin for shaving Suitable for all skin types One shave & face soap One shaving oil bottle One aftershave tonic bottle Made with only 100% natural ingredients in Canada    

    USD $33.03
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    Peregrine Supply CoPromotes a faster & healthy beard growth Deeply cleanses the beard and the skin Moisturizes, nourishes & softens Light shining & non-greasy beard Spicy & exotic perfume Suitable for all skin types Made in Canada 100% natural ingredients    

    USD $32.26
  • 1 Review(s)

    Big Red Beard CombsFor Short to Medium Beard Multifunctional Beard Comb Indestructible Stainless Steel Made in Canada    

    USD $35.33
  • URBAN BEARDClosed combs / Safety bar For aggressive and precise shaves Safety razor with matte finish 3 pieces razor 5 double-edged blades package included Can receive any traditional double-edged blade Razor made in Canada    

    USD $39.94
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The main mission of our brand is to help men feel irresistible, confident and good about themsleves. Every product wee sell is carefully selected to provide qulity, pleasure and benefits.

Grooming is now an essential parto fo the modern men's lifestyle. At Barbaware, we firmly believe that premium beard, hair, shaving, skin and body care should be a part of every man's journey. We value natural ingredients and will always choose quality over quantity.
We believe that all men have the right to take care of their appearances, without sacrificing their masculinities. With this mission to serve the modern man in mind, we offer merchandise made to last, both in style and durability. We firmly believe that men should not be forced to shop in the back-shops of major chain stores. You deserve more than that! Welcome to Barbaware, the future #1 stop for men's general stores worldwide. Serving men in over 23 countries—including Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, Morocco, India and the US.




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