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All about beard care


What are Beard Cares



Growing a beard is not only an expression of freedom but also a commitment. Unfortunately, beards don't take care of themselves—at least, not any more than your nails or your lawn. Beards need maintenance! We’ve already spoken about beard oil, and we'll discuss shaving and trimming in the next category, but there’s more. If you don't want to look like a vagabond straight out of the wilderness of Alaska, you need to put more effort into your appearance. This category contains all the products you'll need over the course of your beardly adventure, including:


- Beard balms

- Beard waxes

- Beard butters

- Beard soaps

- Beard conditioners

- Brushes and combs

- Mustache waxes

- Moustache balms

- Beard shampoos

- Growth vitamins

- Mustache combs


Whether you're struggling to grow a couple of chin hairs or are trying to tame a two-foot-long beast, here are some beard care tips. If you are looking only for beard oils, visit this category.



Growing a Beard or Mustache

The first problem you'll encounter is, without a doubt, the itching that will appear the first time you grow a beard. It’s during this phase that the faint-hearted abandon their journey. However, if you survive the pains of shaving, the itching will disappear after a few weeks, only to become memories of the past. But, as we say, if growing a mustache or a beard was so easy, everyone would have a Zeus-like beard and there’d be no point, right?
The second most important point is undoubtedly to “let it grow!”. The mistake most people make is to try to shape and trim their beards or mustaches too soon. It's a rookie mistake, but it can take weeks and even months to rectify. You should always wait for at least 2 or 3 months before trying to trim your beard or mustache. Even if you're planning to keep your beard or mustache short and close to the face, you'll still want to go through this phase in order to see the real potential of your beard, as well as its and the natural shape and lines, before you cut it. Let your mustache or beard grow wild at first; this is part of the process. Once it has reached a good length—about 1 and a half inches—you can then begin to shape your beard and your mustache. However, remain on your guard. Trimming errors can happen quickly and, as we’ve already said, it can take a long time to fix these errors.
Another hard truth is that you need to know when to surrender. Having a manly mane worthy of a Viking warrior is not something that every man can achieve. Don't covet your neighbor’s beard or mustache. Instead, be proud of what nature gave you because each beard is unique. Take time to analyze your hair, and it it will tell you itself what style is good for you. But, at the end of the day, everything is a matter of genetics; not everyone has the privilege of growing a godly beard. Typically, after 2 or 3 months of wild growing, if your beard or mustache is still thin and uneven, it's possible that it will not grow anymore. Get what you need, mourn over your lost potential, shave the hairs up and move on. Unless you haven't yet finished going through puberty, as (we tend to forget) new hair can keep growing, up to the age of 30 years old. In that case, be patient! Because remember: Barbaware is for everyone!



Keeping Your Beard and Mustache Healthy

Before going further in the different types of products that will help you develop a beard or mustache that's worthy of a movie star, are there other things you can do to make your beard awesome and healthy? Absolutely! The answer is simple: a healthy life! At this point, some people might say that all this grooming and maintenance advice seems to be picky, and that it contradicts the idea of the manly man. Well, think again: it might not always seem like the case, but bearded gentlemen--yes, even that terrifying biker with the 3-foot-long beard--are invested in caring for their facial hair. You must take care of your beard and your mustache, period. Beards have a strong, visible presence, and they are the first thing that people will notice when they see you for the first time. A proper grooming is well worth the pain, as it will be responsible for a good first impression. In fact--for those of you who lift weights or train your bodies--growing a beard is similar, because the same principles apply to an athlete who’s trying to get stronger muscles. These principles are: sleep well and eat healthy.  Yet more interesting is the fact that some strength training exercises, like the deadlift and the squat, jack up the body’s natural production of testosterone--and thus, by extension, they make your beard grow more.
The first thing to consider is food. Although some minerals and nutrients are known to favor the production of testosterone and, therefore, hair growth—minerals like iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, flax, lignans, vitamins A, B and D, for example—you can only achieve a healthy beard and healthy skin if you're engaging in a balanced diet, from cellar to attic.
There are also growth vitamins for beard—as well as products like Biotin—hat will help your hair grow faster and more densely. On the other hand, the results of such products are not guaranteed, so you must use them at your own risk.
The second thing to consider is sleep. Sleep, sleep and sleep. Easy, right? Although simple in theory, sleep is not to be taken lightly. In fact, it has been shown scientifically that how much sleep you get is correlated with how much your beard will grow. So there’s only one way to say it: if you want a healthy beard, make sure you sleep a lot as part of your daily routine!




Proper Grooming and Care



Good! Now that we've covered the basics and practical advice you'll need to grow your beard or mustache to its full potential, we’ll turn to discussing those products that will help you achieve your beardly goals—and make those famous ladies whip around when they run into you on the street! So, now that you've got a beard or mustache, how will you care for it?



Beard Shampoo/Beard Soap

Your beard—like your car, motorcycle or boat—must be clean and well-maintained to function at its best. This seems logical, does it not? Well, unfortunately, many men don't apply the principle of cleanliness to their beards. And, as for those who do, they often do it the wrong way, such as with non-adapted products or by using the same bar of soap that they've washed their armpits with. In either case? Bad idea. By engaging in these activities, you'll dry out your skin and your beard hair. Instead, use an appropriate moisturizing shampoo at least a few times a week. This way, you'll both prevent your beard hair from becoming brittle, and ensure that they are well-nourished and properly hydrated.
There are hundreds of different products that are advertised as “beard cleaners” or “beard soap.” But, in many cases, if you look closer, you'll find that they often contain the same sulfates/sulfides, parabens and detergents that are found in shampoo You should stay away from them at all costs, as it's essential that you use cleanser or soap that does not contain these ingredients. Facial follicles are not the same as scalp follicle, so you shouldn't use the same products for both your beard and your face.
Another misconception is that people should wash their beards daily. However, the reality is that—unless you're working in a very dirty environment—washing your beard daily is counter-productive if you want to grow and maintain a healthy beard.



Beard Conditioner

In terms of conditioning, we recommend that you use a thick, heavy substance so as to ensure that your beard is properly hydrated and to prevent it from becoming too rough. However, in general, if you use beard balm or beard oil on a daily basis, then using conditioner when you're in the shower is superfluous.



Beard Balms

Just like beard oils, beard balms and mustache balm are used for conditioning your beard. If you use beard balms, then you don't need to use beard oil. However, some balms contain beeswax, lanolin or other butter as their main ingredients. Wax-based balms provide beards with texture. They offer more power than beard oil, but less than the beard wax. Wax-based mustache and beard balms have a firmer consistency, while those made from butter have a creamier texture. Balms based on lanolin butter are intended more for conditioning and are much heavier than oils. They also help tame beard hair. Whether you use a beard oil or balm is personal, although most people prefer using oil in conjunction with balm/wax.



Mustache/Beard Waxes

Unlike balms, beards waxes are intended for styling purposes only. Some waxes have fragrances, so they can replace cologne, but—unlike oils and balms—they don't contain any conditioner. This type of product is perfect for those who have a rebel beard or mustache—that is to say, those who don't want to take on a smooth, perfect beard or mustache style like the handlebar. Beard and mustache waxes should be used, rather than oils or balms.



Beard/Moustache Brushes and Combs

As with anything, some combs or brushes are better than others, even though most will get the job done. As for brushes, those with boar hair bristles are the go-to type; they are, without a doubt, the most popular. These brushes offer a heavier feel when you're passing them through your hair. They help keep your hair in place, and they're of much higher quality than your traditional hairbrush. As for beard and moustache combs, you'll want to get a comb with coarse (wide) teeth. The reason for this is that the finest combs have a strong tendency to cling to the hair, causing it to snag. By choosing a beard or moustache comb that has rounded, polished teeth, you'll be minimizing the snag/pull effect. You will also be decreasing the irritation caused by the comb passing on top of the skin.







Often, novice beard and mustache growers—as well as beard veterans—generally have no idea of all the beard care products (and their benefits) that are available to them. In general, we advise those using these kinds of products for the first time to get a kit that has all the items mentioned on this page. You can browse our selection of beard grooming kits here. We can only hope that—now that you've read these simple guidelines—you now have a better grasp on the subject and are thus ready to grab your beard by the horns! And, as always, feel free to contact us with any questions or advice. Our manhood experts will be happy to help you. And don't forget to visit our ''Men's Grooming'' category for more.
And remember—all godly, mighty beards come with great responsibility! Beard on, brothers! 



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