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Loyalty Points

Barbaware likes to celebrate manhood and love to please you. Therefore, to you—our valued customers—we give you barbaware points for anything you purchase on our online store. These reward points can then be transformed into vouchers and be applied as discounts on future purchases. Vouchers applicable on products already on sale.


1 Barbaware's Point = $ 0.01


Barbaware will give you 1 point for each $ 0.55 that is spent before taxes and delivery.

barbaware rewards points buy, grow a beard, and win again


Barbaware's Prestige

In addition to Barbaware's points, we give you access to our absolutely amazing loyalty badge program! The concept is quite simple: like in a video game, you must complete steps in order to level up and gain extra bonuses. Whenever you shop on our online store, these points add up—and this is for an unlimited period of time. So, when you reach a certain amount of total purchases, you unlock a prestige badge. Our ranking has 6 levels; each of them will give you a permanent discount, with no restrictions, that is valid on the full amount of all future orders. Which means that it can also be used in combination with a voucher at any time. What could be better? Maintaining and growing a beard and a mustache has never been so exciting! The total amount is calculated before taxes and delivery in CAD dollars.

 details of the barbaware prestige levels: 1% = $5 - $100                        2% = $101 - $250                   3% = $251 - $450         4% = $451 - $650                  5% = $651 - $850                   6% = $851 - $1000+


When logged in your Barbaware account, your current badge is displayed in the upper left corner of the site when viewed on a computer. For mobile devices, the badge appears on the menu ''Top Link'' at the top of the page. Accounts can take a couple hours to update when a level is reached. You will also be notified by email.

You don't have anything to do for your permanent discount to be applied. All prices site-wide will be automatically displayed already discounted, in accordance with your current level. Make sure you are logged into your account.


Referral Program

Could it be that all of this isn't enough for the beast that you are? Do you have a friend who shares your passion for that manly statement that is the beard? Are you ready to share your Barbaware secret with them? No problem—barbaware also rewards you for sharing the beard love to your loved ones! Once you have completed your first purchase at Barbaware, you unlock access to our sponsorship program. The sponsorship tab will appear in your account. After that, simply invite your friends and relatives via their email addresses, and voilà! For each reference, you get a voucher of 5$ off, and you also are giving one to everyone who accepted your invitation. The number of vouchers that you can earn is unlimited—yes, you read right, it's unlimited! Unfortunately, though, the discount codes are not cumulative. Vouchers applicable on products already on sale.

Barbaware sponsorship program



Thanks to you, dear ''Beardos and Beardettes,” we are able to live our dreams and help thousands of people achieve a hell of a style. That's why, in order to thank you, we offer, in addition to all these rewards, giveaway on our social media accounts. Participating is simple: join us on your favorite platform—like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter—and share the beard love! Click here to join!


barbaware take part in our competition: bearded man excited about his gift win on facebook, twitter, instagram, linkin: urban beard oil



Subscription to the Newsletter

As if all that weren't enough—the Barbaware points, the prestiges, the referral program and the giveaway—If you subscribe to the Barbaware newsletter, you'll be the first to know about future discounts and promotions—Plus you'll receive high-value vouchers that are exclusive to the members of the Barbaware's newsletter. Click here to subscribe!

barbaware subscription to the newsletter


An Exciting Relationship

Unlike your traditional merchants—who treat you as just a number—at Barbaware, you're all kings! Stop looking for the perfect store—with Barbaware, you've finally found home! The Barbaware's team is a family, and we are glad to count you in! As we say, above every beard grows a king! You must treat your beard properly.


If you have any questions regarding the subjects mentioned in this page, please consult our ''FAQ'' page. Or, if you prefer, don't hesitate to directly get in touch with our team via the “Contact us tab” by email at info@barbaware.com, via the live chat or on our Facebook page.


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