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Best tools for wet shaving


What are the Best tools for the Wet Shaving?



Like chopping wood with an high-quality axe will make for a better, more efficient and pleasant experience—good shaving tools will do the just the same for your shaving routine. Beyond the cheap shaving items available in drugstores, there is a whole world of high-quality shaving products available out there—you just have to know where to look, and what to look for. Investing in these top quality equipment will be the best decision you will ever make, your skin will thank you and, you'll even be able to pass them down to four generations. Your wet shaving morning routine will never be so enjoyable to practice than with high-quality tools. Avoid cuts, scrapes and razor burn by choosing the best shaving equipment.
So, Here it is—our basic list of essential tools for wet shaving. After reading the following lines, you'll be knowledgeable about the main function of each of these tools and be able to build the best shaving kit for your particular needs.


Here is a man shaving is beard with a safety razor




Safety Razor



The double-edged safety razors are used with razor blade that have two sharp edges. These sharp edges of the blade are located on either side of the handle. The double-edged blade of a safety razor is covered by a security guard that protects your skin from razor glides. Safety razors also contain a comb on their cutting head. This comb can be opened and closed and has an impact on the shaving type you'll get (aggressive, semi-aggressive or smooth/soft).
Although, at first glance, this type of razor may seem quite expensive, you need to remember that these high-quality razors will last for more than a lifetime. In addition, these type of blades have a longer durability—plus they are much more affordable than the multi-blades cartridges or disposables razors.
Safety razors also allow better precision when shaving. The slim design of the blade of these razors allows better access to the areas more difficult to shave such as under the nose or below the lower lip. Finally, double-edged safety razors will allow you to get close, smooth and comfortable shave, like you never had before. The shave that you'll get with a safety razor has nothing to do with shaving with a cartridge or disposable Gilette razor.


Here is a double-edged safety razor




Straight Razor



Just like safety razors, the straight razors or sabers, may initially seem very expensive. Nevertheless, these razors will also last a lifetime—if they are properly maintained. So, on a long-term view, this type of razor proves to be economical and ecological. With a straight razor, a strop and sharpening stones in hands—no need to buy useless shaving tools and cartridges anymore. You will be able to sharpen and strop your straight razor blade by yourself and keeping it sharp for a lifetime. A good shaving cream is the only thing you'll need to complete your wet shaving session.
Straight razors are known for the excellent quality of the shaves they provide. They are considered as one of the favorite tools of modern gentlemen, given the undeniable quality of the shaves they procure. The straight razors allow you to get close, smooth and comfortable shaves like no other razor allow and enable a more enhanced accuracy in your shaves.
Finally, the straight razors have meditative benefits. Using a straight razor requires you to be calm and relaxed. You must be focused on what you do when you use this kind of razor. In other words, a wet shaving session with a straight razor allows you to enter in a pleasant zen state of mind.


Here is a straight razor




Shavette style Straight Razor



The Shavette is the tool of choice for those wishing to benefit from the joys of a traditional wet shave without the need to sharpen or honing the blade of a straight razor.
In reality, shavette style razors are very similar to straight razors, aside the fact that they are equipped with a traditional interchangeable double-edged blade, snapped in half. This type of razor is perfect for those who wish to quietly enter into the wonderful world of straight razors for an affordable price.
This type of razor is also popular among barbers for hygienic concerns. A simple blade changing between two clients and the shavette is ready to use.


Here is a shavette straight razor style




Razor Blade



A razor blade is defined as a thin sharp steel piece that can be mounted on a razor. To avoid—cuts, scrapes and razor burn—your razor blade should always be in excellent condition. When it is damaged or it no longer cuts, it should be replaced.
Depending on the model, some blade are sharper than others. At this point—it is up to you, according to your preferences. Generally, the popular double-edged razor blades are those of Feather and Gillette.
When you find a blade that fits you well, try to always purchase the same model. So you can familiarize yourself with it and learn how to manipulate it perfectly.


Here is a double-edged safety razor blade




Shaving Brush



Shaving brushes are mainly used to expand and create a thick foam with the shaving cream or shaving soap. They also help soften and lift facial hair—thereby promoting the opening of the pores of your skin. In addition, shaving brushes are used to exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells.
Shaving brushes are available in several varieties. There are shaving brushes with natural bristles such as badger, wild boar or horse hair & brushes with synthetic bristles. Please note that shaving brushes with natural bristles are of superior quality since their hairs are more flexible and have a better absorption capacity.


Here is a shaving brush



Fragrance inspired by luxury colognes







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