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How to grow a beard


How to Grow a Beard: Take Care of Your Beard



Did you know that the average male gains on average 1/2 millimeter of beard length and grows approximately 20 000 facial hairs every day. With that kind of growth—you will need to understand how to take care of your beard. So many people who tried to grow beards gave up. The reason is quite simple—they did not understand that beards require proper grooming and care—which resulted in uncomfortable facial hair growth. If you are in that case—don't give up. Beards are different than regular hair, and thus require a different type of care. Understanding the proper way to take care of your beard will give you a little cheer-up and you will be able to step up your beard's game.


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Men's are Grooming too



One might think that men's are far behind women when it comes to beauty care, toiletries, and grooming spendings—however since 2013, we saw an incredible increase in the amount the average man spend on male-specific grooming products and toiletries. This can be caused by severals factors of course. First being that men are caring more about their appearance that before—spending on clothes and accessories. Secondly, it could very well be that men shave less than before—and one should know that beards can come pricey. Beard fundamentals and essentials care shall not be overlooked.


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Beard Cleanser and Conditioner



Many time have we heard a man complaining that he tried to grow a beard out—unsuccessfully, due to irritation. The reason being that when a man stops shaving something happen—the skin produces more dead skin, who get trapped in your newly grown bristles. To avoid beard irritation, washing it with the proper shampoo will help a lot. A conditioner will then replenish the naturals oil stripped away by others soaps, while protecting your skin with an anti-itch special pH formula. The one thing you want to avoid is to wash your beard with regular scalp hair shampoo—it will make the irritation worse and leave your beard dry. Another thing to consider when growing a beard is that they can trap smells from food or smoke—a good reason to wash and condition your beard daily with the proper care. Don't forget to check out our step by step guide below for proper application of shampoo, conditioner and beard oil.


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Beard Oils, Beard Balm & Butter



Beard essentials care like beard oils, beard balm and beard butter are also a must in every man's grooming routine. They will moisturize the skin and follicle—while softening hair and preventing flaky dry skin (''beardruff or beard dandruff''). The other aspect is that they will help you get a good control and manageability over your beard hair. A product like a beard balm will provide all the conditioning effect and provide a medium hold—which will help you maintain those unruly hairs. Your beard will also smell like Zeus beard and luster like the stars.


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Beard Combs & Brush



Rubbing your beard with a boar bristle brush or massaging your beard with your hands along with some beard oil is also an essential practice. You want to go thru with a wide tooth comb first—then you want to switch to a finer toothed comb to finish. The reason why it is important to tame your beard is that you need to train the beard hair to grow like you want it to. Without bristles training, your facial hair will end up pointing in all kinds of different directions—making your beard look messy and thin in some area, giving the illusion that you can't grow a full beard. Don't forget to get a look at our step by step guide to the application of beard oils, balm & butter below.


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Trimming your Beard & Shaving



The last but not the least—the beard trimming and definition. One great beardsman knows that trimming the beard frequently is the key to success. Not all bristles grow at the same paste and direction. Start at the ears, all the way down to your neck and keep a nice even beard length. The difference between a slumdog beard and a gentleman beard's can be as small as proper beard grooming. Thus the importance of it. Along with the trim—remember to define your beard's lines with a straight razor or a DE razor. These pointers will ensure you to gain some serious manhood points and beard king's respect! Now let's see how to use all this stuff we just talked about.


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