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Beard care

Growing a beard is not only an expression of freedom, but also a commitment. Unfortunately, beards don't take care of themselves—at least, not any more than your nails or your lawn. Beards need maintenance! We’ve already spoken about beard oil, and we'll discuss shaving and trimming in the next category, but there’s more. If you don't want to look like a vagabond straight out of the wilderness of Alaska, you need to put more effort into your appearance. This category contains all the products you'll need over the course of your beardly adventure.


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    Urban Beard

    • Cleansing and Conditioning Properties
    • Softens & Moisturizes
    • Not Tested on Animal
    • 100% Vegetable Formula
    • Contains Vitamins and Minerals
    • Made in Canada


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    Logo of the Urban Beard Beard Care Brand



    Overview of the urban beard shampoo bar



    Just like your hair, your beard also needs special treatment with an appropriate shampoo and unlike the hair, the beard needs all the oils it can get to not appear as a steel wool. As hair care products are rather intended to remove oil on your scalp to prevent oily hair, it's of an utmost importance to keep them away from our face. Otherwise, by using a hair shampoo to cleanse our beard, we'll finish with a dry beard & skin underneath. So do yourself a favor, as knowledgeable beardsmen, put those generic soaps and shampoos aside and get yourself a beard wash. Beard shampoos, such as Urban Beard, are in turn, specially designed for the needs of the beard and contain any harmful chemical that would divide it of its natural oils. A beard shampoo should be used on the same frequency as you wash your hair. That said, you should gently wash your beard with a beard shampoo one to two times a week. On other days, you only need to rinse your beard with cold water. As all, too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

    As respectable gentlemen, we all want to always be presented at our absolute best with a decent & well-groomed beard. To do this, we should use natural beard care products such as a beard oil for moisturizing, a beard balm or butter for shaping, a beard comb for taming and a beard shampoo for cleansing. By using these beard care products in combination, we'll foster the beard growth while making sure to get a much softer & healthier beard and underlying skin. They will be devoided of itching, breakage, split ends, beard dandruff & flaky skin. A good use of this beard shampoo of Urban Beard will keep your beard & skin well-hydrated & conditioned and will make you decrease the amount of oil and balm that you'll use since your beard & skin will have been already well-fed up with nutrients and vitamins. Although that a beard oil contributes greatly to combat beard dandruff, this Urban Beard 100% vegetable based beard shampoo bar also acts well as an extra protection layer.

    However, keep in mind that a beard shampoo alone doesn't prevent beardruff and can't replace a beard oil. These beard products are intended to be used in combination if we want to obtain optimal results.

    Given the decent amount of glycerin in the Urban Beard shampoo bars, they are quite beneficial for the beard & skin underneath. Glycerin is a natural emollient known for its moisturizing & smoothening power. It can retain its weight in water as well as protect the epidermis due to its occlusive properties. Glycerin is also known for its ability to heal the skin by restoring lipid activity. Then, it is also known for its ability to cleanse the beard and facial skin without shattering the natural pH balance needed to ensure a healthy development of the whole thing.

    Ultimately, if you're fighting aging and dyeing your beard, you must use a non-alcoholic beard shampoo free of any preservatives and harmful products instead of a generic shampoo. Shampoos for the scalp not only get rid of the natural oil of our beard and skin but also make the beard's coloration more vulnerable and foster its discoloration.

    Lastly, this Urban Beard shampoo bar, handmade in Canada, comes in a block of about 5 oz so it will definitely last a few months & will make you save money. You don't have to worry about value for money with this beard shampoo.


    Featured image of the Urban Beard Beard Care brand




    Scent of the urban beard shampoo bar



    This beard shampoo bar is fairly easy to use. You just have to rub the block between your hands to create a mild lather and then gently massage your beard's bristles to their roots with your hands. Once washed, rinse your beard under water to remove residues of shampoo.

    Throughout the cleansing and afterward, you'll enjoy a clean, subtle and refreshing, minty and zesty perfume. Those who have the finest nose will feel these followed hints of rosemary and frankincense.




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    Data sheet

    BrandUrban Beard
    Beard shampoo scentsMint - Zest
    Beard shampoo weight5 oz
    Beard shampoo ingredientsSodium cocoate - Water - Organic incense - Glycerin - Organic grape seed oil - Sodium palmate - Organic rosemary
    Does not containArtificial perfume - Coloring agents - Paraben - Petrolatum
    Naturally scentedYes
    Synthetic dyes or oilsNo
    Tested on animalsNo
    Filler ingredientsNo
    Made inCanada


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