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Best beard care products for the fall season

Best beard care products for the fall season



The ideal season to grow a beard



The fall season is probably one of our favourites, here at Barbaware. During this time of the year, colourful leaves of trees slowly begin to fall and give way to majestic trails in the forest. Temperatures are also falling, forcing us to change our attire. It's the perfect season to bring out our flannel shirts, jeans and work boots. Autumn is also the season of agricultural traditions and hunting. It's time of apple picking and pumpkin carving with the family and prepare the hunting camp with friends. Of course, this is also the perfect time to let his beard grow so that the latter looks great for the fast approaching Movember, Christmas and the new year. To take full advantage of our fall beard, we must, of course, ensure that his specific needs are met and we need to properly maintain it with the right products. To help you develop your best fall beard, here are the best beard care products available to you.


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A nourishing oil for the beard



Although we love this season, we must admit that the temperature changes can be quite hard on our beard's bristles and on our face. If the hydration of the beard and the underlying skin is important during warmer seasons, it is even more so during colder seasons. Fortunately for us, good beard oils exist and help us to maintain a sufficiently moisturized beard. Our Elixir all-in-one nourishing oil is a good example. Specially formulated to be used on a daily basis, our oil also helps to accelerate the beard growth and prevent the itching. Rich in Moroccan argan oil, aloe vera oil and Vitamin E, our natural beard oil has all the ingredients that the beard and the underlying skin need during the harsher fall climates. In addition, our Elixir has a warm and seductive fragrance like no other beard oil has. To learn more about our nourishing oil, click here.


Huile nourrissante Luxure Elixir






A moisturizing butter for the beard



As we just mentioned it, when climates are colder, the hydration of our beard and our skin underneath should always be our first concern. By doing so, we can prevent the drying of the beard and the skin underlying, which causes among other things itching and dandruff. During the fall season, in addition to using a beard oil or a nourishing oil every day, using a beard cream like the one of Urban Beard is a great strategy. It is effective for beards of all lengths. This beard cream or butter is specially designed to treat the beard once or twice a week. Used at a good frequency, it ensures maximum hydration of the beard and follicles. This butter is particularly appreciated for its power to make the beard much softer to the touch. Finally, it has a pleasant fragrance with slightly minty notes. For more information on this moisturizing beard butter, click here.


Beuure pour la barbe Urban Beard






A beard shampoo



To wash our beard, especially during colder seasons, it is very important to proceed with a suitable product. Otherwise, we risk drying our beard and cancelling the beneficial effects of other beard care products that we use. Even worse, we risk damaging our beard's bristles and attracting problems such as beard itching and beardruff. Obviously, everything is preventable. By adopting a good beard grooming routine and using high-quality products, we can easily grow a beautiful and healthy beard. The beard, like the hair, does not want to be washed with a product every day. It is recommended to wash our beard with a good beard cleanser every two or three days. Washed too frequently, the beard tends to dry out. A natural beard friendly cleanser like this one of Urban Beard is what we want to wash our beard. It is adapted to the specific needs of the beard and the skin underneath and gently does his work without stripping the beard of his natural oils. Plus, it has a refreshing, minty scent that ensures a pleasant shower experience. To learn more about this beard cleanser, click here.


Nettoyant à barbe Urban Beard






A fortify beard conditioner



If you like the effect of a conditioner in your hair and you want that same kind of effect in your beard, using a beard conditioner like this one from Bossman Brand is certainly a good practice for finalizing the cleansing of his beard. After all, during the fall season, with the winds and natural residues blowing in our beard, it is quite normal that the latter needs additional fortification. The rich base of mango butter, shea butter and coconut oil of the Magic Scent beard conditioner gives it powerful moisturizing, revitalizing and softening properties. The fortify intense beard conditioner is the perfect finishing touch to complete the beard cleansing under the shower. In addition, it has a manly scent with notes of vanilla and sandalwood. To learn more about this beard fortify conditioner, click here.


Revitalisant et fortifiant pour la barbe Magic Scent de la marque Bossman Brand






A beard comb



To complete his fall beard care products set, it is obviously necessary to put the hand on a good wooden beard comb adapted to the length of his beard. These types of combs are strong, durable and have the anti-static property desired to comb his beard with ease. They help among other things to a more uniform distribution of different beard care products we may use. Beard combs are very similar to hair combs. The main difference lies in the size and spacing of their teeth. Specially designed for beard and mustache bristles, beard combs are an essential tool for obtaining a neat and tidy beard. Combing his beard has a training effect on his hair and stimulates them to push in the desired direction. Done daily, this can help stay away from ingrown hairs and split ends. The Canadian brand Big Red Beard Combs offers a wide variety of beard combs in all its forms. These are all of an excellent quality and all have their specific purpose. All of our Big Red Beard Combs are available here.


Peigne à barbe Big Red Beard Comb








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