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How Latino Men Should Grow & Groom a Beard

How Latino Men Should Grow & Groom a Beard



What Latino Men Must Know to Grow & Maintain a Neat Beard



Let's face it, people from all around the world love growing facial hairs, and this, whatever their nationality or religions. Obviously, the beard growth rate may vary from one individual to another but, as a general rule, except for those who are beardless, mostly every man on this earth can grow a beard if they really want to. For Latino men, although it can be harder & longer than Caucasians to grow a beard, it is still a possible thing, if they do it the right way. Maybe they won't develop long & thick beards as those of Caucasians but at the end, they can rock on many other shorter styles too.
There are five things that every Latino man should know to grow a beard and enjoy it. Otherwise, for those who won't read this, it will be very struggling to develop a healthy beard of a certain length. After having read this, every Latino man will be set to grow and groom a beautiful & healthy beard.


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Eat Healthily

A lot of time, it comes down that your body responds or reacts to what you put in it. As a matter of fact, it has been proven that nutrients that are good for the heart are also good for the skin and hairs. Thus said, by eating healthy, not only you'll reach a healthier lifestyle but it will also literally boost your beard growth rate and help you develop a fully healthy beard. To optimize your beard growth, you should have a diet full of vitamin A and Beta Carotene to repair skin tissue. Plenty of Vitamins B6, B12, and biotin since vitamins B stimulate the body to synthesize proteins we have eaten to build new skin cells and hairs. Vitamins C and E to promote the production of sebum and naturally keep a good amount of oil in your beard. A lot of proteins since the body turn them into amino acids. Omega-3 and fatty acids since they are essential for the growth and finally, foods that boost your testosterone. Here are the 8 best foods to boost your testosterone.


Healthy foo for a better beard growth



Do Exercise & Sleep Well

In the same way that a healthy diet also leads through a healthy & foster beard growth, an active lifestyle not only has its own benefits on the body but also has its own benefits on hairs & skin. Treating yourself with more respect & work improves you from head to toe. Aside from greatly increasing the testosterone production, which we all want to foster the growth, keeping an active lifestyle by doing physical activities also promote stronger beard's bristles. To optimize your testosterone production, cardiovascular exercise, lifting weights and doing squats are excellent exercises. At the end, achieving a healthier lifestyle also rhymes with good sleeping habits. Having your eight hours of sleep per day will let the time to your muscles to recover themselves and to your facial hair to grow.


Bearded man lifting weights



Don't shave & Be patient

Although you may like instant gratification, it doesn't work like this when it comes to the beard... except if you are one of those who is ready to pay a fortune for a transplantation. A beard is a manly thing that you should be proud off, whatever its size. Not everyone has the balls to grow a beard because it takes time and it doesn't appear beautiful and groomed overnight. Of course, to grow a beard, you need to have a good self-worth. You need to be a strong person because it's sure one time or another people will make fun of your beard. However, those haters will only make you a better & stronger person at the end of the day. To reach the beard length you had always wanted and be different from everyone, you have to be ready to make a ''sacrifice." Here the sacrifice is that the beard doesn't look beautiful as soon as it appears. The five first months of growth are generally the harder. The temptation to shave everything invades us every day during the early stage. Normally, after these firsts months of growth, the beard is long enough to start using a beard balm and achieve a groomed look. 


Latino man with a beard



Use Beard Care Products

Just like you do for your hairs—wash & condition them with adapted products—your beard also requires his own special treatments too. First of all, there are two things that you must do straight when you decide you let you grow a beard. Get yourself a beard oil and a beard shampoo. From the beginning till the day you'll shave your beard, a beard oil should be applied daily. It's often full of nutrients, minerals & vitamins all good for the beard. Aside from promoting the growth, a beard oil also moisturizes, softens and helps to relieve beard's itching and/or dandruff. The second thing you should do, as soon as you have some facial hairs, is to wash your beard with a beard shampoo from once to twice a week. No more and no less. If you didn't know it, washing your beard with hairs shampoo is the last thing you want to do. Not only it will dry out your beard and skin but it will also negate all the good benefits of other beard care products you may use since it's designed to wash the hair without letting them greasy. With those 2 products, you'll be set to grow & groom your beard till the latter reach a certain length and needs to be tamed with somewhat. At this time you'll need to introduce some beard balm into your beard grooming routine and use a beard comb to comb your beard daily. To keep your mustache bristles out of your mouth, a natural mustache wax can be used. A kit of natural beard care products suitable for all skin type like this one of Industries Groom is what every Latino man needs if he wants to grow a beard.









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