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How Muslim Men Should Grow & Groom a Beard

How Muslim Men Should Grow & Groom a Beard



What Muslim Men Must Know to Grow & Maintain a Neat Beard



Since the dawn of times, beards have always been part of the Islamic religion. According to this culture, growing a beard & trimming the mustache is an obligation if a man wants to follow the sunnah of Muhammad and be rewarded by Allah for its act. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) even said, “Whoever turns away from my Sunnah has nothing to do with me.” With such a statement, it goes without saying that Muslims are prompted to grow long & thick beards without shaving any part of it, as shaving is also seen as an effeminate practice. Thus said, it isn't a rare thing to see a Muslim with a magnificent beard & aside from pleasing their Prophet of faith, let's face it, it's manly and we love it.
As it is forbidden for a man to shave or trim its beard in Islam, every Muslim man should know how to properly grow and groom a neat beard in order to avoid any complications such as beard dandruff or itching. Once well-informed & equipped, it's pretty simple to develop a healthy beard. So if you are struggling with an ugly untrimmed or patchy beard the next few lines will enlighten you on how to fix this. Fortunately for us, shaving is never the solution.


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Always Keep the Beard Oiled

As you had probably already noticed, growing a beard without maintaining it or applying any stuff in it can become a hell of an adventure. The beard & skin underneath can rapidly become dry and it's at this moment that all problems start. Obviously, we don't want that, and it's why the beard oil is needed. Asides from nourishing & helping to keep the beard well-moisturized, a good natural beard oil like this one of Urban Beard can also help to soften the beard. Even tho you'll see great results on a long-term view, generally, the benefits of a beard oil are felt straight after having applied it. Thus said, a beard oil can be used from once to twice a day without any problems depending on your beard's needs. At the end, a daily application of beard oil will also indirectly foster the growth of the beard due to the nutrients and minerals that compose it.


Urban Beard - Original Beard Oil




Always Keep the Beard in Check

As the tradition goes, Islamic men can't trim or cut their beards when it becomes longer. Growing a beard is simply classified as a manly thing & it is then not well-view to cut its beard's bristles. Of course, an unruly or patchy beard can become frustrating to develop if you don't try to fix it with proper product. To help you tame & give some shape to your beard, beard balm may be the right solution. This one of Urban Beard Groom is made of only natural ingredients and has the perfect light-hold formula needed to keep the beard in check while keeping its natural look. Asides from helping to control the beard, it also helps to nourish and condition it. Given the fact that as a Muslim man a neat & long beard does really matter, using a beard balm will be then a wise choice to help you get a nice tamed & beautiful beard.


Urban Beard - Original Beard Balm




Don't Negate Others Products Benefits

Even if you are using a beard oil, a beard balm & a beard comb to groom your beard daily, there is still one thing you can do that may negate all their benefits. We don't have talked about washing the beard yet, so here we are. Washing your beard with a hairs shampoo is literally the worst thing you can do... and to be honest, which man has never washed its facial hair with such a shampoo? Hairs shampoos are designed to cleanse hairs and scalp without letting them greasy. So, once applied in a beard, it only gets it rid off from all its natural oils and even the one you added. There is no need to say that those who wash their beard with hairs shampoos often struggle with dryness problems such as beard's dandruff & itching. Just like you do for your hairs, you should take proper care of your beard too and wash it with an appropriate shampoo like this one of Urban Beard. By doing so, you'll make sure to never negate the benefits of other beard grooming products you may use. At the end, washing of the beard with a beard shampoo should be done each 3-4 days. Others days, you should only rinse it under warm water.


Urban Beard - Beard Shampoo




Comb the Beard Daily

After the first or second months of growth, the beard generally needs to be combed daily. Again, growing a beard without doing anything is pretty easy but it is a whole different thing for growing a beautiful beard. It's not hard at all; it simply requires proper care on daily basis just like the beard's combing. As soon as the beard has reached a certain length, it needs to be combed with a comb specially designed for the beard. These special combs are made with bigger & more spaced teeth. Those of Big Red Beard Combs are of an excellent quality. Made of wood, they are non-static, robust & durable. They are the go-to choice for beard combs. You should also have in mind that combing the beard on a daily basis considerably help to treat split-ends & ingrown hairs. As a general advice, when it comes time to comb the beard, it's always better to take your time and go with gentle strokes. Don't be rushed & rude if you don't want to finish with a bunch of beards' bristles into your sink.


Big Red Beard Combs - No. 9 Beard Combs








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