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Beard grooming kits

As fun as it would be—this question has no quick answer. The perfect beard grooming kit may be different for each Beardsman. Without further due, let us help you make your beard journey easier. This category is ideal for you if you're quite unsure which product to try and you fancy them all. Save up to 25% when buying from our kits selection.

Our complete beard grooming sets are ideal for either getting started or upgrading what you already have. We have the perfect beard care kit for every one of you—from the beginner to the Beardos veteran. They are also the perfect gift—headaches free. We've carefully put together a number of various sets based on what you truly need, no bullshit. From small kits—to the whole shebang—we got what you need.


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    Bossman Brands

    • One Jelly beard oil
    • One Relaxing beard balm
    • One Fortify Intense beard conditioner
    • Softens, moisturizes & conditions
    • Prevents beard's dandruff
    • Prevents & relieves beard's itching
    • Promotes a healthy beard growth
    • Perfect for mid to long beards
    • Made in USA
    • 100% natural ingredients


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    Overview of the bossman brands essential care package gold scent beard grooming kit



    The Gold Scent Essential Beard Care Kit from the US brand Bossman Brands is specifically designed for the grooming of facial hairs. This one is especially recommended for men with mid to long beards. The products that compose it are all made of 100% natural ingredients and are suitable for all types of beard's bristles and skins. Used on a daily basis, products of this bundle have their benefits on the development of the beard and the underlying skin.
    This assortment of Gold Scent beard care products includes one Jelly ™ beard oil, one Relaxing beard balm, and one Intense Fortify beard conditioner. These are all essential products to grow a healthy beard. The beard oil comes in a squeezable 120 ml bottle. The beard balm comes in a 2 oz tin and the beard conditioner comes in a 4 oz bottle.
    The 3 beard care products in this Bossman Brands Essential kit are from the Gold Scent line. Thus, their perfumes are all the same and made to be used in combination with each other. The Gold Scent perfume is woodsy and citrus. It has predominant notes of cedar wood and spruce with more secondary notes of lemon, Saffron spiceslavender and bergamot.


    Featured image of the Bossman brand founder and ceo stephen




    Overview of the bossman brands jelly™ gold scent beard oil



    The Bossman Brands Jelly™ Gold Scent beard oil has a much thicker consistency than traditional beard oils. This is due to its high content of beeswax. This beard oil is durable and provides excellent performance on beard's bristles.
    The thick viscosity of the Gold Scent beard oil helps moisturize, condition and soothe the beard's bristles down to their roots. The Jelly™ beard oil is considered among one of the best beard oils. This one is revolutionary and pleasant to use. It helps to shape the beard and maintain control over its unruly bristle. Lastly, this beard oil also helps to prevent problems such as beard's dandruff and itching.


     3 bottles of Bossman Brands Jelly Gold Scent Beard OIl




    Overview of the bossman brands gold scent relaxing beard balm



    The Gold Scent Relaxing beard balm from this kit of essential beard care products is the perfect tool to help keep the beard in check. Made of 100% natural ingredients, it is suitable for all skins and beards types. In addition to acting as a styling agent, the Bossman Brands beard balm also has its own health benefits for the beard and underlying skin.
    This beard balm is rich in shea butter and mango butter. These two active ingredients are known for their moisturizing properties on the beard and facial skin. The Gold Scent beard balm also contains coconut oil. This gives it a softening, a nourishing and a conditioning power. It helps make the beard considerably softer to the touch.

     3 Bossman Brands Gold Scent Relaxing beard balms




    Overview of the bossman brands gold scent fortify intense beard conditioner



    The Bossman Brands Fortify Intense beard conditioner is also made with 100% natural ingredients and is suitable for all skin and beard types. It is designed to be used once or twice a week after the beard washing.
    This beard conditioner has a strong base of betaine, mango butter, Shea butter and coconut oil. Together, these ingredients provide it with powerful moisturizing, conditioning, softening and restorative properties. Finally, this Fortify Intense Gold Scent beard conditioner can be the perfect solution for those with an uneven, knotted or curly beard, given its high concentration of vitamin E.


     3 Bossman Brands Gold Scent Fortify Intense Beard Conditoners




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    Buy the Bossman Brands Gold Scent Essential beard care kit online. A Jelly™ beard oil, a Relaxing beard balm and a Fortify Intense beard conditioner Free shipping worldwide on high-quality organic beard care products.

    Data sheet

    BrandBossman Brands
    Suitable for these skin typesNormal - Oily - Combination - Dry - Sensitive
    Gold beard oil scentsSandalwood - Cedarwood - Spruce - Saffron spices - Lavender - Bergamot - Lemon
    Gold beard oil size120 ml / 4.0 fl.oz
    Gold beard oil ingredientsCocoa butter - Shea butter - Beeswax - Avocado oil - Castor seed oil - Sunflower seed oil - Soybean oil - Tocopherol - Essential oils
    Beard conditioner scentsSandalwood - Cedarwood - Spruce - Saffron spices - Lavender - Bergamot - Lemon
    Beard conditioner size4 oz
    Beard balm scentsSandalwood - Cedarwood - Spruce - Saffron spices - Lavender - Bergamot - Lemon
    Beard balm size2 oz
    Beard balm ingredientsAcetate - Beeswax - Cocoa seed butter - Coconut oil - Mango seed butter - Shea butter - Sunflower seed oil - Soybean oil - Vitamin E - Essential oil scent
    Naturally scentedYes
    Synthetic dyes or oilsNo
    Tested on animalsNo
    Filler ingredientsNo
    Made inUnited States


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