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Beard grooming kits

As fun as it would be—this question has no quick answer. The perfect beard grooming kit may be different for each Beardsman. Without further due, let us help you make your beard journey easier. This category is ideal for you if you're quite unsure which product to try and you fancy them all. Save up to 25% when buying from our kits selection.

Our complete beard grooming sets are ideal for either getting started or upgrading what you already have. We have the perfect beard care kit for every one of you—from the beginner to the Beardos veteran. They are also the perfect gift—headaches free. We've carefully put together a number of various sets based on what you truly need, no bullshit. From small kits—to the whole shebang—we got what you need.


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    Peregrine Supply Co

    • Beard & skin cares complete kit
    • Ideal for beards of all lengths
    • Moisturizes, nourishes, and conditions
    • Soothes and softens the beard to the touch
    • Mint, vanilla and cedar wood scents
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Handmade in Canada with 100% natural ingredients


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    Logo of the Peregrine Supply Beard balm Brand



    Overview of the peregrine supply orion beard grooming box



    To be pretty and impressive at first sight, the beard must obviously be groomed with appropriate products. Those in the Orion beard care set by Peregrine Supply are a good example of excellent products. Of course, beards with more length also require daily brushing and combing.
    Products specially designed to meet the specific needs of the beard have a more than favorable effect. The products, like those contained in this Orion beard care kit, are all made with 100% natural ingredients. Their functions are to nourish, moisturize, condition and soften beard's bristles and the skin underneath to ensure their health. As a bonus, they help give the beard a nice, well-groomed look. Orion beard care products are just what you need to keep control over your most curly and/or unruly facial hair.
    This Peregrine Supply beard and facial care kit includes one Orion beard oil and beard balm and one beard & facial cleanser. The beard oil comes in an amber bottle of 30 ml with a dropper. Its dropper facilitates its use and allows to obtain the exact amount of desired beard oil. The beard balm comes in a small 2 oz can and the beard & face soap comes in a 80 g block.


    Featured image of the Peregrine Supply Beard care brand




    Overview of the peregrine supply orion beard oil



    The Orion beard oil that makes up this Canadian beard care set is suitable for all skin types. Whether you have a sensitive or an oily skin, this beard oil will gently find its way down, from tips of beard's bristles to hair follicles and this, without leaving the feeling of a greasy or heavy beard. Its on-point viscosity makes it easily absorbable by facial hair and skin.
    This beard oil by Peregrine Supply allows the beard and facial skin to get the perfect dose in terms of moisturization and conditioning. It also softens the beard to make it softer to the touch. Finally, the Orion beard oil also boosts the beard with nutrients and especially selected essential oils will make you say goodbye to dry skin, irritation and dandruff problems.



    Scents of the Peregrine Supply Orion Beard Oil

    To have a good experience with beard oil, it is obvious that we need a scent that seduces us. At least, we want a beard oil that will be enjoyable during its application and for a couple of hours, and the Peregrine Supply Orion beard oil is exactly what you want. It's refreshing, masculine and seductive perfume is long lasting enough.
    This beard oil makes you discover and enjoy a perfume with predominant notes of vanilla followed by more subtle notes of spearmint and peppermint. The perfect combination of ingredients and essential oils in this beard oil makes it completely unique.


     Peregrine Supply Orion Beard oil




    Overview of the peregrine supply orion beard balm



    The Orion beard care kit, branded by Peregrine Supply, includes a beard balm. This one is made only with 100% natural ingredients. It includes among others, beeswax, lanolin, and essential oils. These ingredients are known for their nourishing and conditioning powers. Essential oils that make up this beard balm have their own beneficial properties too on both facial hair and skin. This beard balm has everything to keep a healthy beard and underlying skin.
    The Orion beard balm helps to control the most unruly and patchy beards. It is also ideal for those with a beard full of curly bristles. Its rich beeswax formulation allows it to add the desired holding to the beard. This is the perfect solution to overcome craziest and rebellious beard's bristles, without leaving the beard greasy.



    Scents of the Peregrine Supply Orion Beard Balm

    To be used in perfect combination with the Orion beard oil, the Peregrine Supply Orion beard balm has a very similar scent. It is also pleasant to wear and is neither too soft nor too aggressive. It is perfectly balanced and once again long lasting.
    The scent of this Orion beard balm, like the one of the beard oil from this line of products, has primary vanilla notes supported by more subtle notes of spearmint and peppermint.


    Peregrine Supply Orion Beard Balm




    Overview of the peregrine supply face & beard wash



    To complete this beautiful beard care kit from Peregrine Supply, there is a beard and face soap. This one is specially designed and adapted to the capricious needs of the beard and the facial skin. Its natural formulation allows it to deeply clean the beard and the skin underlying without stripping them of their natural oils. It allows the beard to stay well moisturized during and after cleansing.
    Rather than using a hair shampoo to wash its beard, using a beard & face soap like this one from Peregrine Supply helps to prevent dryness and itching problems. It also helps to prevent and fight beard dandruff.



    Scents of the Peregrine Supply Face & Beard Wash

    To doesn't interfere with the scents of other beard care products that you may use, the scent of this beard and face soap from Peregrine Supply is very mild and subtle. It is more pronounced when used but fades quickly enough to leave room for the perfume of the next products you'll use.
    This beard and face soap has a very refreshing scent when applied. It has hints of cedarwood, sandalwood and clove.


     Peregrine Supply face & beard soap




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    Buy the Peregrine Supply Orion Beard Care box. Beard oil, beard balm & face & beard soap. Free shipping worldwide on high-quality organic beard care products.

    Data sheet

    BrandPeregrine Supply Co.
    Beard oil scentVanilla - Spearmint - Peppermint
    Beard oil size30 ml / 1.0 fl.oz
    Beard oil ingredientsJojoba oil - Grapeseed oil - Castor oil - Camellia seed oil - Sweet almond oil - Apricot Kernel oil - Hemp seed oil - Essential oils
    Beard shampoo scentsCedarwood - Clove - Sandalwood
    Beard shampoo weight3.3 oz
    Beard shampoo ingredients Pomace Oil - Aqua - Coconut oil - Avocado oil - Sodium hydroxide - Castor oil - Hemp seed oil - Almond oil - Brown clay - Cedarwood atlas essential oil - Clove leaf essential oil - Sandalwood essential oil - Sodium lactate
    Beard balm scentsVanilla - Spearmint - Peppermint
    Beard balm size2 oz
    Beard balm ingredientsBeeswax - Coconut Oil - Lanolin - Jojoba Oil - Grape Seed Oil - Camellia Seed Oil - Vitamin E - Essential Oils
    Naturally scentedYes
    Synthetic dyes or oilsNo
    Tested on animalsNo
    Filler ingredientsNo
    Made inCanada


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