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Beard grooming kits

As fun as it would be—this question has no quick answer. The perfect beard grooming kit may be different for each Beardsman. Without further due, let us help you make your beard journey easier. This category is ideal for you if you're quite unsure which product to try and you fancy them all. Save up to 25% when buying from our kits selection.

Our complete beard grooming sets are ideal for either getting started or upgrading what you already have. We have the perfect beard care kit for every one of you—from the beginner to the Beardos veteran. They are also the perfect gift—headaches free. We've carefully put together a number of various sets based on what you truly need, no bullshit. From small kits—to the whole shebang—we got what you need.


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    Peregrine Supply Co

    • Promotes a faster & healthy beard growth
    • Deeply cleanses the beard and the skin
    • Moisturizes, nourishes & softens
    • Light shining & non-greasy beard
    • Notes of cedar leaf, spruce, cedarwood & patchouli
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Made in Canada
    • 100% natural ingredients


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    Logo of the Peregrine Supply Beard balm Brand



    Overview of the peregrine supply park ranger beard grooming duo



    Whether you have stubble or long beard, you should always take care of that one with proper beard grooming products especially intended for this purpose. In addition, there are some beard care products that are also great for your skin underlying. Knowing that, you can kill two birds with one stone, there is no need to search further to find that stone. Here it is!
    This package contains the basic products you need to properly groom your beard and skin underneath.
    This kit contains a Peregrine Supply Park Ranger beard oil and a Peregrine Supply face & beard soap. With this kit in hand, you can say goodbye to that itchy beard full of dandruff and be ready to enjoy a healthy & neat beard.
    The Peregrine Supply Park Ranger beard oil comes in a 30 ml bottle while the Peregrine Supply face & beard soap comes in a 3.3 once format.


    Featured image of the Peregrine Supply Beard care brand




    Overview of the peregrine supply park ranger beard oil



    Beside of perfuming the beard, this beard oil has a bunch of beneficial properties for the beard and underlying skin. The Peregrine Supply Park Ranger beard oil contains among other things sweet almond oil and jojoba oil. Both of these carrier oils are known for their moisturizing & nourishing properties.
    In addition, this beard oil also contains some hemp seed oil which works really great to combat beard itching & graying. Hemp oil is naturally rich in vitamin E. Thus said, this beard oil has some healing property too and helps to take control over those breakable beard bristles.



    Scent of the Peregrine Supply Park Ranger Beard Oil

    Not only does this beard oil promote healthy & faster beard growth, but it also provides an awesome long lasting, woodsy & earthy perfume.
    The Park Ranger beard oil, from the Canadian brand Peregrine Supply, has some notes of cedar leaf, spruce, & sandalwood.
    This perfume isn't too strong and neither too subtle. It is perfectly balanced. If you were craving for a naturally perfumed beard oil, this is the one you were searching for.


     3 Peregrine Supply Park Ranger Beard oil




    Overview of the peregrine supply face & beard wash



    The last thing you want to do is to use hair care products in your beard grooming routine. Those hair care products are intended to strip off the natural oils from our scalp in order to combat oily hairs. The beard, as well as the hairs, naturally create an oil (sebum) that aims to moisturize. Of course, the beard needs it and we don't want to strip it of this oil. For this reason, we should use a proper beard shampoo to cleanse our beard. Better yet, we should opt for a beard shampoo that is also great for the facial skin. This is why we had included this face & beard soap into this kit.
    The face & beard soap of Peregrine Supply is suitable for all skin type. This one ensures deep cleanses of the beard's bristles till their roots while removing any dead cells lodging on the facial skin underneath.
    Cleansing of the beard with this soap should be done from one to two times per week. On other days, you should simply rinse it under cold water. Keep in mind that a too regular beard washing could lead the beard to dry out and become more breakable. Thus said, a face & beard soap like this one, used at the suggested frequency, will surely last you a couple of months.



    Scent of the Peregrine Supply Face & Beard Wash

    This face and beard soap has a tremendous masculine and sophisticated perfume. This one has some notes of cedarwoodclove & sandalwood.


     3 Peregrine Supply face & beard soap



    If your beard is rather long and needs to be tamed, you may wish to add some beard balm into your beard grooming routine. You can have both of these products with the beard balm of the same scent with the Trio beard grooming package here.




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    Buy Peregrine Supply Park Ranger Beard Grooming kit. Beard oil & Face & beard soap. Free shipping worldwide on high-quality organic beard care products for men.

    Data sheet

    BrandPeregrine Supply Co.
    Park Ranger beard oil scentsCedarwood - Sandalwood - Spruce
    Park Ranger beard oil size30 ml / 1.0 fl.oz
    Park Ranger beard oil ingredientsApricot kernel oil - Camellia seed oil - Castor oil - Grape seed oil - Hemp seed oil - Jojoba oil - Sweet almond oil - Vitamin E - Essential oil blend
    Face & beard soap scentsCedarwood - Clove - Sandalwood
    Face & beard soap size3.3 oz
    Face & beard soap ingredientsPomace Oil - Aqua - Coconut oil - Avocado oil - Sodium hydroxide - Castor oil - Hemp seed oil - Almond oil - Brown clay - Cedarwood atlas essential oil - Clove leaf essential oil - Sandalwood essential oil - Sodium lactate
    Naturally scentedYes
    Synthetic dyes or oilsNo
    Tested on animalsNo
    Filler ingredientsNo
    Made inCanada


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