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Overview of the Les Industries Groom Shaving Soap

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For most of us, shaving is a big part of our daily grooming routine. Some like it and enjoy it, while others don't—either because they have some related skin issues, or they simply dislike it. However, shaving is still a must and it should always be done with good natural products, that will nourish and protect our skin. If you are currently shaving with classic shaving creams found in drugstoresand you never tried a real authentic shaving soap yetyou will simply be amazed by the difference.

With the Les Industries Groom shaving soap in hands, it's quite easy to perform perfect shaves while protecting your face against the aggressiveness of a shave. Shaving with a good shaving soap is an excellent ''old school'' method. It's much more comfortable and soft for the skin. Although shaving creams are very easy to use, they tend not to be protective enough for certain kinds of skin. This is why some of us prefer to shave with shaving soap. Shaving soaps are rich and create a long-lasting lather. They also promote better razor glides against the face preventing cuts, nicks, scrapes & bumps.

If you're gonna do it, you might as well do it right—my old man always said. So why not say goodbye to those skin issues and say hello to your lovely face today.

The Les Industries Groom shaving soap comes in a 4,9 oz container.


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Scent of the Les Industries Groom Shaving Soap

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This natural Canadian shaving soap is mainly made of shea and cocoa butter. These two ingredients help in part, to nourish, moisturize and protect the skin. Besides being healthy for our facial skin, it also leaves us with a brilliant perfume of pine, sage & vetiver. This one is not too aggressive. The scent is rather subtle and lasts well on the skin changing from spicy to woodsy. This shaving soap could very well be matched with The Huntsman solid cologne.

This handmade shaving soap from Les Industries Groom is without any shadow of doubts, one of the best shaving soap currently available on the market.

At the end, it's good to have in mind that this shaving soap does not contain any artificial perfume, coloring agents, paraben or petrolatum. We can therefore now, practice and enjoys our shaving routine with a completely free peace of mind.

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What's Inside the Les Industries Groom Shaving Soap

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 Butyrospermum Parkii Butter 

 Cedrus Atlantica Bark Oil 


 Cocos Nucifera Oil 

 Glycerin, Juniperus Communis Fruit Oil 

 Pimpinella Anisum Seed Oil 

 Pinus Strobus Leaf Oil 

 Potassium Hydroxide 

 Salvia Sclarea Oil 

 Sodium Citrate 

 Sodium Hydroxide 

 Sodium Lactate 

 Stearic Acid 

 Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter 



The Les Industries Groom Shaving Soap in Video

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Buy the Industries Groom Shaving soap online. Free shipping worldwide on high-quality organic shaving products for men.



Very smooth shave, I have a quite sensitive skin and it does a better job than my previous shaving soap.

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Les Industries Groom

  • Rich and long-lasting foam
  • Nourish the skin
  • Ensures perfect shaves
  • Scented with pine, sage & vetiver
  • Vegans-Friendly
  • Handmade in Canada
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