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Men's grooming

As if your beard already didn't need enough care on its own, you need to take care of your skin, too. Between the constant fight against acne—even decades after puberty has ended—and the first signs of wrinkles, it can sometimes be difficult to win the game of healthy skin. Many people will blame their problems on genes, but—before you do that—ask yourself if your skin care routine, lifestyle and daily habits match up to your expectations. And by this, we don't mean stealing your girlfriend’s fancy products and spending hours in front of the mirror. Actually, the perfect routine can be quite simple. Naturally, male grooming goes further than just the skin; maintaining a healthy body odor, healthy hair, and a healthy body is just as important.


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    Rebels Refinery

    • Facial cleanser and scrub
    • Cleans, moisturizes, rejuvenates and protects
    • Improves blood circulation
    • Promotes healthy and silky skin
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Vegan-friendly & gluten-free
    • Made in Canada


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    Logo of the Rebels Refinery Skin Care Brand



    Overview of the rebels refinery essential facial skincare kit



    Washing your face requires special products given its specific needs. The worst thing you can do—is washing your face with the same soap bar that you use to wash your body. Put your soap bar away right now and opt for a facial skin care kit like this one.
    This skin care products bundle contain a daily facial cleanser and an advanced facial scrub from the Rebels Refinery men's products line. This Canadians skin care products are suitable for all skin types.
    The Rebels Refinery daily facial cleanser comes in a 100 ml bottle and the Rebels Refinery advanced facial scrub comes in a 100 ml bottle too.


    Featured image of the Rebels Refinery Skin care brand




    Overview of the rebels refinery advanced clear skin daily facial cleanser



    As you have probably noticed—cleansing your face with a traditional soap bar can be quite aggressive and sometimes damaging—A traditional soap bar usually dries your skin and can even cause skin reactions. Obviously, you want to avoid any of these reactions on your face.
    The Rebels Refinery facial cleanser will help you get a perfectly healthy face with a silky appearance—while preventing all types of skin reactions. Enriched with aloe vera, it will help to clean and remove any dirt lodging on your facial skin and in your pores. This facial cleanser can be used on a daily basis without problems.


     Here are 3 Rebels Refinery Advanced Clear Skin Daily Facial Cleanser




    Overview of the rebels refinery advanced clear skin facial scrub



    In combination with the facial cleanser, this facial scrub, allows you to do a deeper cleaning of your skin. One or two cleanings of your face with this scrub on a weekly basis in enough—it will dispose your skin of all the dead cells (dead skin) that lodge on its surface.
    This facial scrub of Rebels Refinery tones and brightens your facial skin. It also improves the texture of your skin and makes it more elastin. In addition, it allows a better blood flow—which is great for the beard growth—and helps to prevent ingrown hairs.
    * If you have a beard, use a shampoo beard and wish to add this scrub to your routine, we suggest using the scrub first to prevent any residues to lodge in your beard.


     Here are 3 Rebels Refinery Advanced Clear Skin Facial Scrubs




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    Buy the Rebels Refinery Essential facial skin care package online. Facial Cleanser & Scrub. Free shipping worldwide on high-quality organic skin care products for men.

    Data sheet

    BrandRebels Refinery
    Suitable for these skin typesNormal - Oily - Combination - Dry - Sensitive
    Facial cleanser size100 ml
    Facial cleanser frequency of useDaily cleansing
    Facial cleanser ingredientsCitric acid - Salicylic acid - Sorbic acid - Benzyl alcohol - Water - Extract of red clover - Coco-glucoside - Decyl glucoside - Glycerin - Xanthan gum - Ylang flower oil - Orange peel oil - Jasmine oil - Fruit of the olive oil - Patchouli oil - Sandalwood oil - Jojoba seed oil - Barbadensis aloe leaf juice - Lauryl glucoside - Glyceryl - Oleate - Vitamin E - Fragrance
    Facial scrub size100 ml
    Facial scrub frequency of useEvery 3 to 4 days
    Facial scrub ingredientsSalicylic acid - Sorbic acid - Benzyl alcohol - Stearic alcohol - Bentonite - Water - Jojoba esters - Extract of rosemary leaf - Guar gum - Safflower seed oil - Olive kernel powder - Apricot seed powder - Jojoba seed oil - Ylang flower oil - Orange peel oil - Coconut oil - Sunflower seed oil - Jasmine oil - Patchouli oil - Sandalwood oil - Papain - Sodium Cetearyl sulfate - Vitamin E - Fragrances
    Does not containArtificial perfume - Coloring agents - Paraben - Petrolatum
    Naturally scentedYes
    Tested on animalsNo
    Made inCanada


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