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    1740 Beard Balm logo


    1740 Beard Balm

    The 1740 Beard Balm American company has seen the day in December 2013, in Missouri. This company from the United States aims to provide high-quality beard grooming and beard care products at an affordable price. It is with this vision that the 1740 company has tremendously grown and is now able to offer you a wide range of high-quality beard balms.
    The 1740 beard balms are handmade, with 100% natural ingredients extracted from the American soil. They contain, among others, beeswax, coconut oil, almond oil and essential oils. The most popular bearded balms of 1740 are their Bay Rum, Coffee-Infused, Freshly Cut and Original.


    Astra blades logo



    The famous Astra blades for double-edged safety razors are produced by the famous company Gillette in the Czech Republic.
    Astra blades are recognized for their high-quality shaving and their steel design, also of the highest quality. Each Astra double-edged razor blade will offer softness and unmatched durability.


    Bacchus & Barley logo


    Bacchus & Barley

    Bacchus & Barley is a Canadian company specializing in the manufacture of 100% Italian leather accessories. Since 2013, the Toronto company handcrafts and distributes wonderful high-quality leather accessories.
    The Bacchus & Barley experienced team offers you upscale and distinguished products such as necessities trays, wallets, passport holsters, key chains, luggage tags, business card holder, iPad and iPhone sleeves, notebooks sleeves, leather dog leashes and collars, etc.


    Banger and Mash underwear brand logo


    Bangers And Mash

    The Era of underwear is now finished. Nowadays, men wear boxers but unfortunately, there is still too many brands which continue to distribute uncomfortable boxers. However, it not the case of Bangers and Mash.
    This Canadian's brand strives hard to manufacture apparels which are, from tops to bottoms, both stylize & comfortable. In addition, the Bangers and Mash boxers are also 
    especially designed for flexibility & movements convenience and offer good supports directly where you need it.

  •  Barbaware men's grooming logo 

    Barbaware Men's Grooming

    Back in 2015, when we launched our online store, our main mission was to help men feel irresistible, confident and good about themselves. Today, although we have evolved and have now become a men's grooming brand, our driving idea is still the same. In addition, we value natural ingredients at all times and always choose quality over quantity.
    At Barbaware, it's pretty simple. We want to offer quality, pleasure and benefits. Our products, developed in Quebec City, are specially designed to meet the specific needs of men. Of course, the high-end fragrances of our products are all exciting and seductive. They all have a unique and mysterious character that makes them well-distinguished.


    Barrister & Mann logo


    Barrister & Mann

    The young Barrister & Mann company, which was initially specialized in the manufacture and distribution of men's grooming products, was born in Boston, in the state of Massachusetts. The young William Carius, founder, and president of this company, first worked hard labour to develop a shaving cream specially designed for sensitive skin. After many tries, with different formulas, ingredients, and ratios, the young man succeeded, after five months, to design a nice creamy and smooth leather that does not dry the skin.
    On March 18, in 2013, this new foam became the first product of the Barrister & Mann company. Subsequently, Carius and his team introduced more grooming products suitable for sensitive skin for men and women like shaving soaps and lotions (men line and women line), beard oils, facial toners, before and after shave creams and oils and wonderbalms.


    Baxter of California men's grooming brand logo


    Baxter of California

    The Baxter of California brand—Founded in 1965 by Baxter Finley—Offers original high-quality men's grooming products. The legacy of Baxter meets the advanced research and development of men's grooming.
    Everything started more than 50 years ago when Mr. Finley got pissed off and took his dry skin problems in hands. So he created the first product of the now famous range of Baxter of California products, the ''Super Shape'', a men's skin conditioner offering protection against the sun and the sea. At the time, this specific breakthrough for male grooming was far from being a gimmick. Suddenly, the men's grooming became serious. Years of research done by the experts at Baxter of California have subsequently demonstrated that indeed, men's skin is different and requires specific care. Baxter subsequently launched a full range of products adapted to the needs of men. Their most popular product are their daily face wash, their face conditioning, their tonic, and moisturizing.


    Beard Balm™ Made in Detroit beard"s grooming brand logo


    Beard Balm™ Made in Detroit

    Beard Balm is an American company based in Detroit, Michigan and is specialized in the manufacture of high-quality men's grooming products. This company is especially renowned for his natural beard balms. The experienced team of this company is made up of Jon Koller, Koller Micah, Steve St. James, Script LaFave, Leora Koller and Lauren Bidigare. It is with the common goal of providing to modern bearded of this world high-quality beard grooming and care products at the best prices that the founders of this company are rallied.
    The USA Beard Balm company most popular products are the Beard Balm, the Naked, the Heavy Duty Beard Balm and the Heavy Duty Naked. The experienced team of Beard Balm is composed of professionals of all kinds and passionates who are completely devoted to giving the best of themselves to design products of unquestionable quality.


    Beards and beavers logo


    Beards and Beavers

    Beards and Beavers is a Canadian company based in Ontario in Toronto. It is specialized in homemade manufacture and distribution of men's grooming products such as beard oils and moustache waxes.
    The secret behind the recipes of this Toronto company is the exclusive use of natural ingredients. The most popular products of this company are the Beard Mine, Royal Glow, Black Label, Smashing, Greaser and Lumberjack beard oils.


    Big red beard combs beard care brand logo


    Big Red Beard Combs

    The Canadian company Big Red Beard Combs Ltd. simply offers the best beard combs and shaving brushes for all bearded men who want something more for their beard. The Big Red beard combs are all hand-made from a solid piece of high-quality wood and are engraved with spectacular designs.
    The story of Big Red Beard Combs is rather simple, such actions were created by simple necessity. The founder of Big Red combed his beard with a small standard plastic comb, as many of us did. Although simple plastic combs did the work, it lacked character and warmth, in addition to producing a static and boring product. From a craftsmanship and furniture making backgrounds, it was natural for Mr. Big Red to make his first wooden beard comb, from a single piece of wood. Immediately, he loved the result. The user-friendly aspect of the comb was perfect, it quickly became apparent that the small comb was too fragile. So he quickly made others better-designed versions, stronger and more flexible, until he finally got the black pearl. Then came Keri Brunskill, adding the illustrations and graphic designs that are now the full part of the original image of the Big Red Beard Combs brand. The beard combs and shaving brushes of Big Red Beard Combs are the best and the most beautiful on the market—not to forget their amazing beard oils and beard balms.


    Billy Jealousy men's grooming brand logo


    Billy Jealousy

    Founded in 2004 by Pat Parsi and Danielle Rouso, Billy Jealousy quickly became an icon in the grooming industry. Billy Jealousy products are more than just products—they are a way of life—they define who you are. The Billy Jealousy product line is specially designed for the modern and sophisticated bad boys & bad girls, the products range of Billy is oriented towards those who know how to look good.
    Billy Jealousy grooming products are scientifically designed to help cleanse, promote the health, texture and tone of the skin. Each Billy Jealousy product is composed of 5 to 20 different key ingredients, which combined together create chemical reactions that is beneficial to the skin's appearance. All Billy Jealousy products are PETA approved.


    Boker brand logo



    Having survived the Second World War despite the total loss of their factory, the famous company of knives and blades Beoker was able to rise from the ashes and is still a symbol of the German quality today. A giant chestnut tree shading the small Boeker tool factory in Remscheid in the 17th century is the oldest traceability symbol in connection with the name Boeker.
    Böker products are now a symbol of quality and excellence gained over hundreds of years of development. Boker offers a selection of carefully selected pocket knives pane, kitchen knives, straight razors, safety razors and knife sharpeners. Böker products are military grade and designed to help you meet the challenges of today's life.


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