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  • 1740 Beard Balm

    The Beard Balms Specialist

    The 1740 Beard Balm American company has seen the day in December 2013, in Missouri. This company from the United States aims to provide high-quality beard grooming and beard care products at an affordable price. It is with this vision that the 1740 company has tremendously grown and is now able to offer you a wide range of high-quality beard balms.

  • Astra

    Blades signed Gillette

    The famous Astra blades for double-edged safety razors are produced by the famous company Gillette in Czech Republic. Astra blades are recognized for their high-quality shaving and their steel design, also of the highest quality. Each Astra double-edged razor blade will offer softness and unmatched durability.

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  • Bacchus & Barley

    The Canadian Leather Master

    Bacchus & Barley is a Canadian company specializing in the manufacture of 100% Italian leather accessories. Since 2013, the Toronto company handcrafts and distributes high-quality leather accessories. The Bacchus & Barley experienced team offers you upscale and distinguished products such as necessities trays, wallets, passport holsters, key chains, luggage tags, business card holder, iPad and iPhone sleeves, notebooks sleeves, leather dog leashes and collars, etc.

  • Bangers and Mash

    Manufacturer of both stylized & comfortable Boxers

    The Era of underwear is now finished. Nowadays, men wear boxers but unfortunately, there is still too many brands which continue to distribute uncomfortable boxers. However, it not the case of Bangers and Mash. This Canadian's brand strive hard to manufacture apparels which are, from tops to bottoms, both stylize & comfortable. In addition, the Bangers and Mash boxers are also especially designed for flexibility & movements convenience and offer good supports directly where you need it.

  • Barrister & Mann

    Designed for Sensitive Skin

    The young Barrister & Mann company, which was initially specialized in the manufacture and distribution of men's grooming products, was born in Boston, in the state of Massachusetts. The young William Carius, founder, and president of this company, first worked hard labor to develop a shaving cream specially designed for sensitive skin. After many tries, with different formulas, ingredients, and ratios, the young man succeeded, after five months, to design a nice creamy and smooth lather that does not dry the skin. On March 18, in 2013, this new foam became the first product of the Barrister & Mann company. Subsequently, Carius and his team introduced more grooming products suitable for sensitive skin for men and women like shaving soaps and lotions (men line and women line), beard oils, facial toners , before and after shave creams and oils and wonderbalms.

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  • Baxter of California

    Men Care Craftsman since 1965

    The Baxter of California brand—Founded in 1965 by Baxter Finley—Offers original high-quality men's grooming products. The legacy of Baxter meets the advanced research and development of men's grooming.

  • Beard Balm

    A Beard Balms Specialist

    Beard Balm is an American company based in Detroit, Michigan and is specialized in the manufacture of high-quality men's grooming products. This company is especially renowned for his natural beard balms. The experienced team of this company is made up of Jon Koller, Koller Micah, Steve St. James, Script LaFave, Leora Koller and Lauren Bidigare. It is with the common goal of providing to modern bearded of this world high-quality beard grooming and care products at the best prices that the founders of this company are rallied.

  • Beards and Beavers

    Canadian Handcrafted Products

    Beards and Beavers is a Canadian company based in Ontario in Toronto. It is specialized in homemade manufacture and distribution of men's grooming products such as beard oils and mustache waxes. The secret behind the recipes of this Toronto company is the exclusive use of natural ingredients. The most popular products of this company are the Beard Mine, Royal Glow, Black Label, Smashing, Greaser and Lumberjack beard oils.

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  • Big Red

    Revolutionizing Beard Combs

    The Canadian company Big Red Beard Combs Ltd. simply offers the best beard combs and shaving brushes for all bearded men who want something more for their beard. The Big Red beard combs are all hand-made from solid piece of high-quality wood and are engraved with spectacular designs.

  • Billy Jealousy

    The Billy Jealousy Lifestyle

    Founded in 2004 by Pat Parsi and Danielle Rouso, Billy Jealousy quickly became an icon in the grooming industry. Billy Jealousy products are more than just products—they are a way of life—they define who you are. The Billy Jealousy product line is specially designed for the modern and sophisticated bad boys & bad girls, the products range of Billy is oriented towards those who know how to look good.

  • Bluebeards Original

    The Bluebeards Mission: Save the Beards

    Bluebeards Original was Founded in 2005 in Pittsburgh, by Paul and Moira Kaniewski. Their goal was to relieve the beard itching while providing natural beard care products. Bluebeards Original supports the modern bearded who wants to reverse the convention of daily shaving, whether for a weekend or a lifetime. The hairs cultivation is the celebration of a unique spirit and Bluebeards Original products are especially dedicated to it.

  • Böker

    Over 180 Years of History

    Having survived the Second World War despite the total loss of their factory, the famous company of knives and blades Beoker was able to rise from the ashes and is still a symbol of the German quality today. A giant chestnut tree shading the small Boeker tool factory in Remscheid in the 17th century is the oldest traceability symbol in connection with the name Boeker. Böker products are now a symbol of quality and excellence gained over hundreds of years of development. Boker offers a selection of carefully selected pocket knives pane, kitchen knives, straight razors, safety razors and knife sharpeners. Böker products are military grade and designed to help you meet the challenges of today's life.

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  • Bossman Brand

    The Inventor of the Beard JELLY™ Oil

    Bossman Brand is an American brand based in Austin, Texas. This company was founded in 2014 by the inventor, artist, and bearded entrepreneur Stephen C. Condon. Himself big fan of big beards & beard competitions, he decided to start his own beard care products company. He launched a complete line of men's grooming products including beard balms, mustache waxes, beard oils, beard cleaners and conditioners, beard combs and brushes, etc. He even invented a new kind of beard oilthicker than the traditional—the beard Jelly oil, which is perfect for long beards.

  • Brooklyn Grooming

    Synonymous of Passion Precision and Love

    Brooklyn Grooming Co. is a young company based in the eastern of United States in the city that never sleeps. Since May 2012, it is specialized in the manufacture of high-quality men's grooming products such as beard oils. Each products emerging from their warehouse are all handcrafted and usually contain organic vegetable butter, beeswax, herbs and essential oils. These natural additives are known for their beneficial properties. Finally, Brooklyn Grooming Co. products contain no chemicals products and are all made with passion, precision, and love.

  • Captain Fawcett

    Took from a Great Discovery

    Captain Fawcett is an English company that owes it's existence to the discovery of a mysterious chest. The content of it pushed the one who opened it in 1997 to start his own company of men's grooming products. Today, the brand that follows this discovery is worldwide recognized for the unquestionable quality of the products it manufactures and distributes. Captain Fawcett produces the best Eaux de toilette, shaving brushes, beard oils, straight razors, shaving soaps and mustache waxes.

  • Clubman Pinaud

    Official Barber since 1810

    The brand Pinaud and the Clubman line of men's grooming products are the go-to choice of thousands of men across the world since the 1800. At the launch of the product line Clubman, Pinaud hired an artist to create the image of the brand Clubman, these illustrations are still used has unofficial face of the famous brand nowdays. Clubman Pinaud is today recognized as a beard oils expert.

  • Cup Cuff

    A Stylish Eco-friendly Alternative

    Cup Cuff is a young Canadian company based in Vancouver since 2008. This one is dedicated to the biggest as smaller coffee and tea drinkers. It is with the primary mission to contributed itself in its own way to a healthy environment that Sandon Monnastes, founder of this company, launched in business. Cup Cuff is the elegant, environmentally friendly and reusable alternative of the disposable cardboard sleeve that is given to you when you buy a coffee or tea. You can also do your part and contribute to maintaining a healthy environment with by purchasing your own reusable Cuff Cup sleeves.

  • D.R. Harris & Co.

    A Family Business since 1790

    The D. R. Harris & Co. brand was founded in London in 1790 by the surgeon Henry Harris and the pharmaceutical chemist Daniel Rotely (D.R). This family business offers a wide range of men's grooming products dedicated for those looking for unparalleled quality. Since its creation, the company continues to improve itself and continually adapts itself to the new trends of the market.

  • DOVO

    German Excellence

    The DOVO German company was founded in 1906 and was at the time only a small factory that forges open razors. Since then DOVO continued to evolve and expand its product range by producing over 2,000 units per day. The specialty of DOVO lies primarily in their "Shavette" style straight razors , straight razors, and double-edged safety razors. The famous Merkur safety razor and EUREKA scissors are also manufactured by DOVO.

  • Drifter Goods

    A Wonderful Manufacturer

    Drifter Goods offers you a wonderful range of high-quality handcrafted leather and canvas products. This brand, native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada produces several men's accessories products such as belts, straps for cameras, key chains, wallets, backpacks, caps, etc. It is with the primary mission to offer the best quality at the best price that Drifter Goods has built his renowned name.

  • Duke Cannon Supply Co.

    A Young American Company

    Duke Cannon Supply Co. is a young American company established in the market of bearded and men's grooming products. Founded in 2011, the company has quickly established an excellent reputation and this, on the four corners of the globe. Duke Cannon Supply Co. offers you off-pair quality products and this, at the best price.

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  • eShave

    Created by Her for Him

    The eShave American company, founded by the business woman Danielle Malka, has appeared on the market of men's grooming products in 1996 with the ultimate mission to reintroduce modern and sophisticated men with high-quality wet shaving products and accessories. This tradition lost in the 70s came back today and eShave is committed to providing the tools needed to practice it. The philosophy of this company is to make a difference in the lives of each of his consumers and this, at every day.

  • Faribault Woolen Mill Co.

    High-End Wool products

    The Faribault Woolen Mill Co. family business was founded in 1865 in Minnesota—at the end of the Civil War, during the Lincoln reign end. The company had as a main mission to manufacture and provide comfortable and high-quality wooly products such as blankets, scarves, coffee sleeves, pillows, etc. Today the company is recognized as an important figure and as a root of the American craftsmanship.

  • Feather

    An Industry Pioneer

    Since it's foundation in 1932, the Feather Safety Razor Co. company is specialized in the manufacture of interchangeable single or double-edged safety razors, straight razors and razor blades. With over 80 years of expertise, the Japanese company is a pioneer of the wet shaving industry and offer you today a wide range of high-quality safety DE razors and single or double-edged blades. This company is now recognized as one of the best razor blades manufacturer.

  • Fisticuffs

    From Grave Before Shave Creator

    The American company Fisticuffs, founded by Wayne Bailey, is established in Southern California, since 2013. The main mission of this company is to provide to urban bearded of this world the right men's grooming products for the maintenance of a stylized and healthy beard such as beard oils, beard balms, and mustache wax. The Fisticuffs brand is also the holder of the trademark of Grave Before Shave.

  • Fit for Vikings

    Designed for Vikings by a Viking

    Fit for Vikings is a Norwegian men's grooming products brand. This one was introduced into the market in December 2014 by Hjörtur Scheving. Fit for Vikings is especially known for his high-quality beard oils, beards balms, mustache waxes, beard and body soaps and for his beard combs. This brand has been specially designed for the Vikings by a Viking.

  • Gillette

    The Beginning of a New Era

    Following the decline of wigs in the late nineteenth century, men have begun to replace this fashion by stylized beards and mustaches. In 1895, the beginning of a new era and this revolution in the lives of men pushed the inventor and businessman King Camp Gillette, to produce and market his first mechanical razor with interchangeable blades (safety razor). In 1902, the company of Mr. Gillette spent from American Safety Razor Company to Gillette Safety Razor Company. Since then, through his desire to adapt himself to the new trends and technologies, the American company has never ceased to improve and grow. This expansionist vision led Gillette in 2005 to merge with the giant Procter & Gamble. This merger now enables Gillette to be one of the biggest razors and shaving products manufacturers—to not say the bigger— and this, all around the world.

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  • iKon

    Synonymous of Excellence and Quality

    Annoyed by the high price of disposable razors cartridges and wastefulness that resulting, the American Greg Kahn decided in 2010 to launch his own razor company. The iKon Shave Craft razors are made with the finest materials, are of an excellent quality and, ensure close and smooth shaves. iKon is specialized in manufacture and distribution of safety interchangeable single or double-edged razor.

  • Imperial Barber Grade Products

    A Men's Grooming Pioneer

    Imperial Barber Products is an American brand installed in the field of men's grooming products since the early 19th century. Since the last two decades, with the return of the urban beard fashion, the company has seen his reputation among the bearded, increase very quickly. Today, Imperial Barber Products offers you a huge range of high-quality beard care products such as body washes, beard cleansers, beard oils, pre-shave oils, beard soaps, pomades, pre-shave balms, facial moisturizers, etc...

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  • Jack Black

    An Upscale Brand for Him

    Jack Black is an American company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of men's grooming products. Curran Dandurand, Jeff Dandurand, and Emily Dalton are the three-headed leaders who founded this company in 2000. Since then, Jack Black is established in Europe and North America and offers a huge inventory of skin care products, body products, shaving articles, accessories and men's fragrances. Jack Black is a distinguished premium brand.

  • LePrince Barbu

    Products Made in Quebec

    LePrince Barbu is a Quebec company whose primary mission is to satisfy the capricious needs of your skin and beard by offering you a premium quality range of beard oils, shaving oils, and aftershave oils. The 100% natural men's grooming products of this company are all handcrafted in the heart of Montreal.

  • Les Industries Groom

    Natural Grooming Products for Men

    The Industries Groom—beard care, hair care and shaving—products are all manufactured in a workshop located in the heart of Montreal. The driving idea behind this Canadian company is to handcraft high-quality natural products in small batches. By doing so, it is easier to ensure a better control over the quality and so, each product exiting the Industries Groom workshop has an exemplary freshness. This Quebec company—founded in 2013—is today recognized throughout North America for its excellent beard oil & balm, its beard cleanser, its mustache wax, its shaving oil & cream, its hair pomade, etc.

  • Lucky Scruff

    Serving your Beard since 2013

    Lucky Scruff saw the day in 2013, in Nashville, Tennessee. This American company is specialized in the handmade production of high-quality men's grooming products made with the best ingredients such as beard oils, beard balms, mustache waxes, beard soaps, etc... Corey and his team ensure to offer you the best quality and this, at the best bang for your bucks. Go for the Lucky Scruff grooming products and sport a beard that looks neat.

  • Lucky Tiger

    Lucky Tiger an Iconic Figure

    The Lucky Tiger's story began with an American barber named Benjamin Clarke, who created his own hair tonic in 1920 in the basement of his home in Kansas City, Missouri. This tonic, which he's called "Lucky Tiger Tonic" was originally only used in his barber shop. Over time, Mr. Clarke saw his product quickly gained popularity and began to sell it outside of his barber shop. This new trend led him to make of Lucky Tiger a trademark in 1935. Soon, several American barbers began to use and sell the Lucky Tiger products. Today, this American brand has become an icon and distributes a wide range of men's grooming products such as mustache waxes, shaving creams, shampoos, hair tonics, facial cleansers, facial moisturizers lotions, products against acne, skin astringents etc...

  • Marvis

    From Basic Experience to Luxury one

    The Marvis company, from Florence in Italy, is a toothpaste specialist since 1970. This one aims to transform the basic experience of your daily routine into a luxurious and enjoyable experience through it's innovative and completely unique flavors. In other words, Marvis offers you a collection of seven original and flavored toothpaste that leaves you with an exquisite sensation and that help you to get your tooth brushing session to a whole new level. In addition, the Marvis toothpastes are known for their beneficial properties and ensure a maximum protection and an unmatched teeth whitening. The toothpaste collection of this Italian company includes Amarelli Licorice, Aquatic Mint, Cinnamon Mint, Classic Strong Mint, Ginger Mint, Jasmin Mint and Whitening mint flavors.

  • Merkur

    A Subsidiary of DOVO

    Merkur is a trademark of the German company DOVO Solingen since 1996. DOVO produces several types of men's grooming products, such as scissors, shaving equipment, and manicure equipment. However, today all shaving equipment and razors are manufactured by their subsidiary, Merkur. All handcrafted products manufactured by the Merkur company meet the same quality standards as those of the brand DOVO and are stamped with '' Made in Solingen '' or '' Made in Germany''. Among there most popular product is the Merkur 23C and the Merkur Adjustable DE.

  • Parker

    Craftsman of Remarkable Products

    Parker is an innovative family business and is a world leader in the field of safety razors and straight razors. Since 1973, the Grover family company handcrafted shaving products by respecting the highest quality standards in the sole aim to offer to his customer shaves as comfortable as possible. The golden stallion which galloping in the men's grooming products industry for now over four decades, produced products that reflect it's commitments. In fact, the US company offers you a wide range of high-quality razors and shaving products made with the finest materials and this at the best price. The most popular safety double-edged razor of the Parker brand is the Parker 89R, the Parker 90R, the Parker 26C (open comb) and the Parker 82R (butterfly style). In this sense, the most popular straight razors of this brand are the Parker SR1 and the Parker Shavette (disposable blade).

  • Penhaligon's

    A Fragrance Pioneer

    Penhaligon's is a British pioneer in the fragrance industry since 1870. Founded by William Penhaligon, the English company has built a reputation of thunder with his men's grooming products adorned with completely creative, innovative and unique fragrances. Today, Penhaligon's offers you a wide range of beard care products available in 34 different fragrances. Opt for Penhaligon's and you'll discover a flamboyant and exciting range of products.

  • Percy Nobleman

    Designed for Sophisticated and Urban Men

    Percy Nobleman is a conscientious and modern brand of men's grooming products, which saw the day in 2014 in United-Kingdom. It is with the mission to offer to the sophisticated and urban men of this world, handcrafted high-quality products that Percy Nobleman introduced himself in the beard care and men's grooming products market . Since it's inception, the British company has quickly gained in popularity. Today, many people use their products in order to properly maintain a well-groomed beard and / or mustache. Percy Nobleman is especially known for his beard oils, beard balms, beard and mustache waxes, beard soaps, etc...

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  • Peregrine Supply

    Tailored for the modern gentlemen

    As the modern men of this world are now searching more than ever for great natural grooming products, Peregrine Supply co has seen the day in early 2015. Tailored for the modern gentlemen, this Canadian company offer a full range of natural handmade skin, beard and hair care products. Each product is crafted in small batches ensuring an excellent control of quality.

  • Portland Beard Company

    A Beard Oils Specialist

    Portland Beard Company is a company born in the Rose City, in Oregon. Launched in November 2012, the Portland company continues to grow and to gain popularity. It is specialized in the manufacture of artisanal natural beard oils. These allow your beard to have a neat and tidy look, in addition, to ensure a healthy growth while maintaining his natural aspect.

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  • Portland General Store

    Natural Grooming Products for Him

    Portland General Store is an American company specializing in the production of organic men's grooming products. Founded in 2007 by the Portland couple (Lisa and Troy), PGS offers you today a wide range of luxury natural products made with the best ingredients such as colognes, cleansing muds shaving jellies, shaving creams, beard oils, beard conditioners, shampoos, aftershaves, wet shaving soaps, tonics, moisturizers, etc.

  • Prairie Boys Supply Co.

    Straight Out of the Canadian Prairies

    Prairie Boys Supply Co. is a Canadian brand of Edmonton in, Alberta. This one was recently founded by two childhood friends sharing the same vision of integrity. One of them being a carpenter and the other one a professional stylist. Prairie Boys Supply Co. is specialized in handicraft production of high-ends beard care products such as beard oils, shaving oils, beard balms, beard combs, etc... This brand even has his own clothing line.

  • Proraso

    Italian Legend since 1948

    For almost a century now—after three generations—Proraso has transformed the art of shaving and men personal care in a more enjoyable daily ritual. It is on the verge of an economic boom in 1948 that Piero Martelli invented the very first Proraso pre-shave cream. Since then, Proraso has been recognized worldwide as a pioneer of shaving with his beard care products such as beard oils as well as being part of the history of Italy.

  • Rebels Refinery

    Awake Soothe and Protect your Skin

    Rebels Refinery is a Canadian brand specialized in manufacturing of premium quality natural skin care products. Founded in 2012 in Toronto, their one sole mission is to help his customers to feel good in their skin by offering them high-quality products and this, at the best price. A wide range of facial cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers, lip balms and products against dark circles is available for you. Additionally, Rebels Refinery is committed to giving back to those in need by giving a percentage of his revenue to prostate cancer charities for example. This Canadian company is especially known due to his appearance on the Dragon's Den show shown on CBC. Finally, all Rebels Refinery Skin Care Products are suitable for vegan of this world.

  • Richer Poorer

    The Socks Master

    The Richer Poorer USA company was founded in 2010. Since his inception, it has the primary mission to manufacture and also provide wonderful everyday products that can help you to form your personality. Richer Poorer offers you a wide range of extravagant socks and t-shirts that remind you the American landscape and that will enable you to display your true colors.

  • Royal North Company

    Luxury for Nature Lovers

    Strength, honor, intelligence and love of the wild nature are virtues preached by the Canadian company Royal North Company. This renowned company was founded in Toronto, in Canada, in 2014. It is specialized in handcrafted high-quality robust products for men of all kind starting from hunting and kitchen knives to scarves and liquor glasses. Since the wild nature is at the heart of this company, Royal North Company aims to pay a percentage of his income to the Nature Conservancy of Canada charity organism.

  • Schaf Skin Care

    A Skin Care Specialist

    Since 2014, the Ontario Schaf company is specialized in the production of skin care products for him and her. All Schaf products are made under the science of hydration principle. In addition, they are composed of 100% natural ingredients and contain no oil. So, these products are ideal for all skin types. Whether you have a dry, oily or sensitive skin, you can easily find a Schaf skin care product suitable to your skin type. Schaf offers you a full range of skin treatment products such as facial moisturizers, eyes cream, facial cleansers, facial scrubs, shaving creams for men and women, etc...

  • Smitten Kitten

    The Accessories Specialist

    Smitten Kitten is a Canadian company specializing in the manufacture of modern paper goods, cards, notebooks, gifts, key chains and travel accessories for him and her. The company founded by Amy Kwong, in 2004, is established in Ontario, in Toronto. Since his creation, the Canadians have increasingly difficult to hide their crush to Smitten Kitten.

  • Texas Beard Company

    Have a Soft and Rugged Beard

    The Texas Beard Company is an American brand that was born in 2014 in Beaumont, in Texas. The company founded by Ryan Olson, Aaron Davis, Adam Haynes and Martin Shayne have for mission to provide natural men's grooming products needed to maintain a soft, robust and healthy beard. Texas Beard Company offers you a huge inventory of handcrafted mustache waxes, bead balms and beard oils.

  • The Audacious Beard Co.

    An Audacious British Company

    The Audacious Beard Co. is a men's grooming products company based in Kent, in United-Kingdom, since May 2014. This one offers you a stunning line of high-quality natural and handmade products, such as beard oils , beard and mustache waxes, beard balms, beard shampoos and soaps, beard combs, etc... The main mission of this British company is to help real men of this world to maintain their mane and stache so that they can be audacious and they can reach an off pair manhood level. The most popular products of this brand are the Buccaneer, the Woodsman, and the Wood Chopper beard oils.

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  • The Bearded Bastard

    Products Made in the Western City

    Unsatisfied with the achieved results of products of other brands, sometimes sold at an excessive price, Jeremiah Newton, decided to found his own company in 2011 in Austin, Texas. Thus, The Bearded Bastard was born in the US Western city. This company specialized in the production of grooming products for men such as beard oils, beard balms, mustache waxes, shaving oils and colognes has built an excellent reputation with the urban bearded community due to the distinguished quality of his handmade products made with natural ingredients.

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  • The Northern Beard Company

    Made in Ontario since 2014

    The Northern Beard company—established in Ontario since November 2014—is specialized in the production of high-quality men's grooming product with unique fragrance such as beard oils, beard waxes, beard conditioners, etc... All products of this brand are handcrafted and meet the highest quality standards.

  • Uncle Peter's Man

    A Young Canadian Company

    The Uncle Peter's Man company—represented by the emblem of the native eagle—saw the day in Toronto, in Canada, in 2014. Founded by Young Lee and Chris Stevens, the young Canadian company is specialized in the manufacture of natural skin care products for today's modern and urban men such as beard oils, facial scrubs, and facial soaps. The most popular products of this brand are the 3Pete 416 and 3Pete 647 aftershave oils, the Double Duty Soldier face scrubs and The Bar A.M soap bars.

  • Urban Beard

    A Canadian Beard Specialist

    Urban Beard is a Canadian beard care specialist since November 2013. The Toronto-based company offers you a full line of high-quality natural and organic men's grooming products such as beard oils, mustache waxes, cleaners and conditioners, beard bars soaps and beard shampoos. To ensure a consistent quality, Urban Beard handcrafted his products in smalls batches.

  • VersaTile

    A Coasters Specialist

    VersaTile is a Canadian company specializing in the manufacturing of custom drink coasters since 2012. Based in Almonte, in Ontario, Canada, the Dan Fallak company uses 100% natural marble imported from Turkey to manufacture his products. VersaTile manufactures completely unique coasters models and even produces custom coasters models. Thus said, the company may reproduce a photo of your choice on a coaster.

  • Walton Wood Farm

    A Family Business

    Walton Wood Farm is a family business based in Bailieboro, in Ontario, in Canada. This company handcrafts and distributes men's and women grooming products only made with purely organic Canadian and American ingredients throughout all North America. This Canadian company manufactures colognes, beard balms, shampoos and many other high-quality accessories for him (Men Don’t Stink) and her (Women Smell Pretty). The Walton Wood Farm company is rapidly gaining popularity and even participate in the popular "Dragons' Den" TV show, presented on CBC during the 11th season.

  • Wild Willies

    The Natural Manly Products Specialist

    The USA company Wild Willies has seen the day in 2015. This company from the United States aims to provide high-quality beard care and men's grooming products and this, at an affordable price. It is with this vision that the Wild Willies company has tremendously grown and is now able to offer you a wide range of high-quality beard care and men's grooming products.

  • Woolfell

    Useful & Well-design

    The young Canadian company Woolfell, which was founded in 2013 in Montreal, Canada, specialize into the design and production of leather and nylon bags and accessories. Every items are backed by the idea to build durable, useful, and well-design products.

  • YÜLI

    Revolutionary Natural Grooming Products

    YÜLI is an American company specialized in the manufacture of natural men's grooming and skin cares products, since 2011. The company aims to help you to transform your skin and optimize its long-term health by using his revolutionary natural grooming products such as lip conditioners, corrective serums, antioxidant serums, facial serums, tonics, scrubs, etc.

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