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Beard oil

Bearded men have been turning heads since long before the New York Times reported that beards were now fashionable, or people like poker player Dan Bilzerian bellwethered the look of the manly beard. There's just a little something—a little pop!—in a well-groomed man that makes you stop and stare. The opposite is true for beard folk—hence the importance of caring for one’s beard. As those of you who have a beard know, this facial ornament comes with its share of problems. Fortunately, there’s one product that can help us—a product we call beard oil. Beard oils are made of conditioning ingredients like grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil. And for those who think that beard oil positively nugatory, think again! Beard oil is essential to maintaining facial hair. Just like their hair, men should take care of their beards. If you're still not convinced that you need to add beard oil to your daily routine, give it a try—and see the results for yourself!


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Bossman Brands

  • 3 squeeze 120 ml bottles
  • Perfect for mid to long beard
  • Softens, moisturizes & conditions
  • Promotes healthy beard growth
  • Doesn't leave the beard greasy
  • Made in USA
  • 100% natural ingredients


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Overview of the bossman brands jelly™ beard oil kit



As a beard oil should be included in each bearded man morning grooming routine, it's important to pick the right one. A good beard oil is generally made with 100% natural ingredients and is beneficial for both the beard and the skin underneath. If you have a beard, no matter his length, a daily treatment with a beard oil is a must. Obviously, the beard oils market is pretty wide and we understand how struggling it can be to stop your choice on one of them. For this reason, we had brought at your disposal this awesome Bossman Brands Jelly™ beard oils package. The beard oils of this kit are completely one of a kind and are of a premium quality.
The Jelly™ beard oils are revolutionary. You'll surely have never seen something like this before. These beard oils are much thicker than traditional beard oils and last and perform considerably much longer on the beard. Beside of having some moisturizing, conditioning & softening properties, the Jelly™ beard oils contain beeswax to provide them some shaping property—just like beard balms do, these beard oil help to keep control over those unruly bristles. These beard oils are thick enough to properly moisturize the beard and are thin enough to reach & nourish hair follicles & skin pores without leaving the beard greasy. Thus said, they promote a healthy & faster beard growth while preventing the skin underlying to drying out and becoming flaky. These Bossman Brands beard oils can even help to prevent beard dandruff, beard itching and ingrown hair. If you are struggling with one or several of these issues, we strongly advocate investing into your comfort and pick this Jelly™ beard oils kit.
The Boss Package contains the three most popular Jelly™ beard oils of the American brand Bossman Brand. This kit counts one Jelly™ Magic Scent beard oil, one Jelly™ Gold Scent beard oil and one Jelly™ Hammer Scent beard oil.
Given their value for money, the Bossman Brands Jelly™ beard oils are considered as some of the best beard oils. Lastly, each beard oil of this package comes in a 120 ml squeezable bottle which is pleasant & convenient to use.


Featured image of the Bossman brand founder and ceo stephen




Scents of the bossman brands jelly™ magic scent beard oil



You have any close encounters or special occasions scheduled and you want to be presented at your best with a pleasantly scented & well-groomed beard? You want to make heads turn and attract that prey? This is the beard oil which will help you to achieve your goal. This one is simply as smooth as you are.
The woodsy and earthy & intoxicating and warm perfume of the Magic Scent beard oil is wonderful. This one is fairly strong to last throughout the day but is not too overpowering. The Magic Scent beard oil has some predominant notes of sandalwood and vanilla followed by some bergamot, patchouli and frankincense undertones. In aromatherapy, the frankincense essential oil is commonly used for his numerous health benefits. It allows, among other things, to fight & prevent cancer, to relieve anxiety & chronic stress & to reduce inflammation & pain.


 3 bottles of Bossman Brands Jelly Magic Beard OIl




Scents of the bossman brands jelly™ gold scent beard oil



The Bossman Brands Jelly™ Gold Scent beard oil is dedicated to all adventurers & nature lovers of this world who want to have a fresh beard throughout the day. The woodsy perfume of this beard oil will remind you the exciting & heady scents of nature. However, be warned. Once you'll have tried this beard oil, you'll surely have a little crush for this one and you'll stick on Bossman Brand.
The Jelly™ Gold Scent beard oil is of a superior quality. This one has a perfectly balanced perfume which isn't too aggressive. You will feel some predominant notes of cedar wood and spruce oil reminding the outdoor hints followed by some undertone notes of lemon oil. The lemon oil acts as an uplifting agent and provides an enjoyable feeling & a clean effect.


 3 bottles of Bossman Brands Beard OIl




Scents of the bossman brands jelly™ hammer scent beard oil



The Bossman Brands Hammer scent beard oil is for men who work hard with their hands. The essential oils that compose it give it a strong manly perfume. It does not go unnoticed and it is very seductive and provocative.
The Hammer Scent beard oil from the Bossman Brands' Jelly ™ oil line is without hesitation their most masculine and distinguished. It contains, among others, notes of lavendergeraniumpatchouli, and vanilla.


 3 bottles of Bossman Brands Jelly Hammer Scent Beard OIl




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Buy the Bossman Brands Jelly beard oils kit online. One Magic Scent, one Gold Scent and one Hammer Scent beard oil. Free shipping worldwide on high-quality organic beard care products.

Data sheet

BrandBossman Brands
Magic beard oil scentsSandalwood - Vanilla - Bergamot - Patchouli - Frankincense
Magic beard oil size120 ml / 4.0 fl.oz
Magic beard oil ingredientsCocoa butter - Shea butter - Beeswax - Avocado oil - Castor seed oil - Sunflower seed oil - Soybean oil - Tocopherol - Essential oils
Gold beard oil scentsLemon - Cedar wood - Spruce
Gold beard oil size120 ml / 4.0 fl.oz
Gold beard oil ingredientsCocoa butter - Shea butter - Beeswax - Avocado oil - Castor seed oil - Sunflower seed oil - Soybean oil - Tocopherol - Essential oils
Hammer beard oil scentsLavender - Geranium - Patchouli - Vanilla
Hammer beard oil size120 ml / 4.0 fl.oz
Hammer beard oil ingredientsCocoa butter - Shea butter - Beeswax - Avocado oil - Castor seed oil - Sunflower seed oil - Soybean oil - Tocopherol - Essential oils
Naturally scentedYes
Tested on animalsNo
Made inUnited States



Great gift idea

My husband is a big fan of this brand. As soon as I saw this kit, I knew that I will pleasantly surprise him. Usually, he always goes with the magic scent beard oil, but since he received his kit, he seems to have a crush on the hammer scent. I have to admit, I love that one too!

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