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Beard grooming kits

As fun as it would be—this question has no quick answer. The perfect beard grooming kit may be different for each Beardsman. Without further due, let us help you make your beard journey easier. This category is ideal for you if you're quite unsure which product to try and you fancy them all. Save up to 25% when buying from our kits selection.

Our complete beard grooming sets are ideal for either getting started or upgrading what you already have. We have the perfect beard care kit for every one of you—from the beginner to the Beardos veteran. They are also the perfect gift—headaches free. We've carefully put together a number of various sets based on what you truly need, no bullshit. From small kits—to the whole shebang—we got what you need.


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    • Essential beard care products
    • Moisturizes, softens, nourishes, cleanses & conditions
    • Prevents beard's itching and skin's irritation
    • Promotes a healthy beard growth
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Only contains 100% natural ingredients
    • Handmade in Canada


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    Logo of the Big Red Beard Comb Beard care Brand



    Overview of the big red beard combs stash beard grooming kit



    Even tho it doesn't sound funny, having a beard requires daily cares. In order to develop a healthy & soft to the touch beard, special treatments with adapted products are of a crucial importance. The fact is that it can really turn a bad beard's journey into a magnificent & pleasant one and help to pass over the temptation to shave everything. Using beard grooming products not only nourishes & protects the beard but also helps to obtain an optimal beard growth. To save you the headache of shopping without really knowing what your beard needs, here is a complete starter kit containing all of what your beard wants. It is also the perfect gifts for your beloved bearded. Make no mistake about it, he'll love it.
    This beard care kit is literally what all gentleman with a beard needs. This beard care bundle contains all essential products needed to properly groom a beard plus, it comes in a magnificent handcrafted wooden box. It contains one beard shampoo bar, one 15 ml Noble beard oil, one 15 ml Dillinger beard oil, one Noble beard balm and one no. 9 cherry beard comb. The Stash Kit of Big Red Beard Combs is simply killing it & you want it.


    Featured image of the Big Red Beard Comb Brand



    Overview of the big red beard combs charcoal beard soap



    Just like you use to do for your hair, you'll want to wash your beard with a shampoo especially designed for it. Washing its beard with a regular hair shampoo is the worst thing we can do for our beard & the skin underneath. To avoid problems such as acne and skin irritation, we want to use a natural beard shampoo rich in nutrients just like this one of Big Red Beard Combs.
    The Charcoal beard soap bar works well to eliminate impurities & odor while keeping the beard moisturized at will. This beard soap bar is suitable for all skin type, even the most sensitive and oily ones. This beard soap comes in a 6 oz block.



    Scent of the Big Red Beard Combs Charcoal Beard Soap

    To ensure a pleasant experience, Big Red Beard Combs has crafted a subtly scented beard soap. The Charcoal Soap has sweet bergamot, cedar & frankincense tones. Those are perfectly balanced to leave you with a perfume that isn't too overpowering and that will not interfere with other beard care products you may apply.


     Big Red Beard Combs Charcoal bears soap bar  




    Overview of the big red beard combs noble beard Oil



    If you've ever wanted to know what it feels like to experience the top quality in terms of beard oil, you'll be pleased with this beard grooming bundle. This beard care kit, from the Canadian brand Big Red Beard Combs, contains somewhat that reaches limits of the perfection. It is the Noble beard oil and this one is just brilliant.
    This beard oil contains only natural ingredients which have been chosen for their beneficial properties and has a mild perfume. A daily application will ensure a proper moisturization of the beard and will keep you far away from skin irritation, beard's itching, and dryness's problems. This beard oil comes in a cool 1/2 oz traveling bottle for your convenience.



    Scent of the big red beard combs noble beard Oil

    The Noble beard oil from Big Red Beard Combs puts forward a sweet citrus perfume which is not too overpowering. This one is just perfectly balanced and will lighten up each of your mornings. It has notes of grapefruitbergamot & tangerine.


     Big Red Beard Combs Noble beard oil




    Overview of the big red beard combs dillinger beard oil



    Just like the previous one, the Dillinger beard oil is of an excellent quality. It also comes in a 1/2 oz bottle. This beard oil contains natural ingredients which are great for the beard and the facial skin and promotes a healthy beard growth without skin's irritation and beard's itching. In addition, this beard oil also helps a lot to soften the beard and make it less prickly, which is a good thing for your beloved.
    Asides from moisturizing the beard, this beard oil nourishes and conditions beard's bristles down to their roots too. Whatever your skin type, the Dillinger beard oil is suitable for you.



    Scent of the Big Red Beard Combs Dillinger Beard Oil

    The Big Red Beard Combs Dillinger beard oil has a quite complex warm and spicy perfume. This one has been developed to evolve over the time. Once applied, you'll first notice its bay rum, black pepper, and patchouli notes. Later, you'll notice some musk and cinnamon undertones. Again, this perfume is mild enough and isn't too strong.


    Big Red Beard Combs Noble beard oil




    Overview of the big red beard combs noble beard balm



    Growing a beard is a thing that every man can do. However, in an era where the body envelop serves as a mirror of the personality, we may want our beard to appear shiny and neat. We surely want it to be well-tamed and free of fly-away hair.
    To doing so, the top quality Noble beard balm of this beard grooming kit will help out. This beard balm, only made with natural ingredients not only helps to keep the beard in check but also nourishes and conditions the beard and the skin in the same time. This is the perfect blend to control the beard. This beard balm isn't too creamy or oily. Its mixture makes it works well and rapidly through the beard leaving you with a stylized soft to the touch beard.



    Scent of the Big Red Beard Combs Noble Beard Balm

    Just like the Noble beard oil, this beard balm also has a sweet subtle citrus perfume with notes of grapefruitbergamot & tangerine.


    Big Red Beard Combs Noble beard balm



    Overview of the big red no. 9 beard comb



    To complete this beard grooming kit, here is a wonderful handcrafted wooden beard comb especially designed for mid to long beards. Its long and spaced teeth design makes it perfect to untangle the craziest beards out there and helps to prevent ingrown hairs. Made with a laminated technology, this anti-static beard comb of Big Red Beard Combs is solid and durable. It won't break in your pockets. A daily combing of the beard with this beard comb will lead to a more straight and soft to the touch beard.


    Big Red Beard Combs No. 9 beard comb




    Dont miss out!




    Buy the Big Red Beard Combs Stash Kit beard grooming package. Beard oils, bead balm, beard soap and beard comb. Free shipping worldwide on high-quality organic beard care products.

    Data sheet

    BrandBig Red Beard Combs
    Suitable for these skin typesNormal - Oily - Combination - Dry - Sensitive
    Noble beard oils scentsGrapefruit - Bergamot - Tangerine
    Noble beard oil size0.5 oz
    Noble beard oil ingredientsArgan Oil - Coconut oil - Grapeseed oil - Hempseed oil - Jojoba oil, Essential oil blend
    Dillinger beard oil scentsBay rum - Black pepper - Patchouli - Musk - Cinnamon
    Dillinger beard oil size0.5 oz
    Dillinger beard oil ingredientsArgan oil - Coconut oil - Grapeseed oil - Hempseed oil - Jojoba oil, Essential oil blend
    Beard shampoo scentsBergamot - Cedar - Frankincense
    Beard shampoo weight6 oz
    Beard shampoo ingredientsActivated charcoal - Almond oil - Bentonite clay - Buttermilk - Castor oil - Coconut oil - Goat’s milk - Lye - Olive oil - Palm oil - Shea butter - Water - Yogurt - Essential oil blend
    Beard balm scentsGrapefruit - Bergamot - Tangerine
    Beard balm size1 oz
    Beard balm ingredientsArgan oil - Beeswax - Cocoa butter - Hempseed oil - Jojoba oil - Shea butter - Essential oil blend
    Beard comb materialsCherry wood - Maple wood
    Naturally scentedYes
    Synthetic dyes or oilsNo
    Tested on animalsNo
    Filler ingredientsNo
    Made inCanada


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