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Overview of the Urban Beard Moustache Wax

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If you've already worn a moustache, you should know how struggling that can be if you don't use moustache wax. At the beginning, all goes well and you see that moustache rapidly grows. Eventually, that moustache becomes thicker and bigger and now the real fun starts. Eating with a moustache—if that latter isn't well-groomed & waxed e.i.—is a real challenge—if you don't want to eat that moustache too. As gentlemen, we like good manners and also want to always being presented at our best. To do so, we want to keep those moustache's bristles out of our mouth when we eat but also want to keep them out throughout the day. Fortunately for us, having a tidy moustache is still possible by using a good natural moustache wax like this one of the Canadian brand Urban Beard.

Handmade in Canada with 100% natural ingredients, the Urban Beard moustache wax is suitable for every vegan man of this world. Asides from having holding property, the organic oils blend of this moustache wax also provides it conditioning & strengthening properties, which is good for a healthy growth of the moustache. This mustache wax is specially designed for urban beardsmen who desire extra hold in their moustache while adding it a light shine. His formulation—rich in beeswax—allows it to tame and shape that whisker as we want it. With that wax, we can take control over those crazy and curly bristles and keep them in place. In addition, since this moustache wax has a beeswax base, once applied, it is easier to wash than other moustache wax with a petroleum base. This moustache wax has a medium hold, thus, the latter is rather designed for men who want to keep a natural look instead of a stiff curled moustache or any other gravity-defying style.

The Urban Beard moustache wax comes in a 1 oz (30 ml) screwable aluminum tin. When stored at an ambient temperature, there is no need to warm up the wax before extracting it with your nail. Once you've extracted some, with your fingers, you can easily soften it and enjoy an easier application.


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Scent of the Urban Beard Moustache Wax

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This Urban Beard moustache wax, handmade in Canada, has a perfectly balanced nice & mild perfume from its essential oils which follow the perfumes perfectly of others beard care products from the same brand. The scent of this mustache wax is subtle and has been specially designed to not interfere with any other perfume you may add.

This moustache wax is, at first, naturally scented with the beeswax that composes it. The perfume of that latter also has floral and slightly woodsy notes. There are some predominant hints of rosemary & lavender followed by subtle hints of cedarwood.

 4 tins of Urban Beard Moustache waxes


What's Inside the Urban Beard Moustahce Wax

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 Organic shea butter 


 Organic cedarwood 

 Candelilla wax 

 Organic coconut oil 

 Organic hemp seed oil 

 Extra virgin organic olive oil 

 Organic lavender 



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Urban Beard

  • Sculpts & Relieves Frizz
  • Medium Hold
  • Floral & woodsy scent
  • Healthy Formula with Vitamins and Minerals
  • Nourishes the Moustache
  • Promotes a Healthy Growth
  • 100 % Natural
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