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Top 8 Animals with Beard

Top 8 Animals with Beard



Top 8 Bearded Animals



Human's beards have always been impressive and always made for good conversation. However, not only humans have majestic beards—Some animals also have fantastic manes which are strongly similar to human's beards.

So, we thought we'd go out of our usual framework and bring you a compilation of the 8 most epic bearded animals—This article should still make you smile. So without further due, here is our top 8 animal's beards & mustaches!


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8 - Walrus

Walruses are so funny! They remind us the cricketer Merv Hughes and the host of the popular show "Myth Buster" Jamie Hyneman. You don't agree? Or is Merv Hughes and Jamie Hyneman that remind us of the walrus? Whatever. As the whiskers of prepubescent teens—the walrus mustache is rather fluffy and let's face it, they seem to be proud of it.


Here are two walrus in pool



7 - Goats

As the beard's of men seduce women—The beard's of goat seduce goats. In fact, during the loving season, goats are taking care of their beards in order to be presented at their very best. It increases their chances to conquer the goat of their dream. The name of the beard styles ''goatee'' comes from these beasts, who live in the mountains.


Here is a goat



6 - Markhors

These animals who live in the western Himalayas and have a wonderful goatee—Larger than nature—Are completely fantastic. We bet they have already inspired men!


Here is a Markhor



5 - Bearded Collie

These dogs, as their name suggests, have a big beard and mustache. These Scottish or English sheepdogs are recognized for their ability to work with humans and sheep—We bet that it is their beards that put them up over the sheep, in the farming hierarchy.


Here is a bearded collie



4 - Bisons

Bisons have hairs that are qualified as very wooly and hairy. They have a very thick collar around their neck that looks like a big beard—Bisons thick fur allows them to stay warm during the colder seasons.


Here is a bison



3 - Bornean Bearded Pig

This animal is known for its natural beard and mustache. Of course—As you'd expect from a pig—their hairs are bushy and unkempt. Left to themselves—Nature takes care of their presentations. Bornean bearded pigs deserve their place in our top 8. They are real beardsmen in their kind with their natural beard & mustache, and they don't need to take care of it.


Here is a Bornean Bearded Pig



2 - Emperors Tamarins

The Emperors Tamarins are especially recognizable by their big white mustache. Their name comes from the Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany, whom also sported a mustache. From primates family, those rather small disappearing mammals (23 to 25 cm) are quite agile and walk from branch to branch in tropical forests.


Here is an Emperor Tamarin



1 - Sumatran orangutans

We place the Sumatran orangutan in first place of our compilation—Because of their majestic ginger beard. Their beards, naturally straight and well combed are the proof that there are indeed—Beautiful facial hairs in the animal kingdom.


Here is a Sumatran Orang-utan







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