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All about beard and workplaces

All about beard and workplaces



Is it OK to have a beard at work?



Although beards and mustaches are becoming increasingly popular among men, their adequacy in the workplace creates a myriad of opinions among managers and senior executives of this world. For some, such as those in law and finance, facial hairs are still unacceptable and seen as unclean. They reflect a lack of hygiene and demonstrate nonconformist. For others, such as those in art, culture and events sector, facial hairs are now more acceptable and seen as a trend of fashion. They reflect the creative and ambitious personality of those who sport them. As a general rule, when working with the public and our work involves in-person interaction with a client, partner or director to name few―for sales and profitability purposes―it may be a good idea to always be cleanly shaven. On the other hand, many jobs do not require any contact with the public and do not consider the physical aspect of a person as an asset to complete the job.
If we are among the lucky men who can sport a beard at work, it goes without saying that we must still make sure that it is presentable all the time. It must always be clean and well-groomed, have a decent length and a good smell. Otherwise, the problem will not be our employer, but our colleagues. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises with our beard at work, here are some tips to make sure the latter always stays conform to our working environment. Learn here how to grow a beard while remaining professional at work.


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Be knowledgeable about our working environment's culture



As mentioned above, not all men can come at work with a beard. Everything depends on the position held and the manners of the company that employs us. Knowing the culture of our work environment is important to decide whether to grow a beard or not. Looking around our co-workers and browsing social networks like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, to look at the profile of CEOs of the company in which we work, gives an excellent idea of ​his level of acceptance of beards and mustaches. It also helps to establish where limits usually are. We can see if the length of the beard is restricted and if certain styles of beard and mustache are recommended or even proscribed. Knowing the culture of our working environment is also necessary to determine when will be the best time for us to grow our beard.


Homme avec une barbe dans son environement de travail




Choosing the right time to start growing our beard and mustache



Depending on where we work, our beard's look can be very revealing and have a significant impact on our performance and output. For instance, if we work in the world of business, customer service, sales and public relations, the stubble-style beard (1-2 days beard) is rather frowned upon and could make us lose good opportunities. Because this beard style is undefined and rather uneven, it can be perceived as if we had a rough night and hadn't taken the time to shave. To avoid this more or less pleasant transition from the early stage of growing a beard until the day the latter becomes more presentable, choosing the right time to let it grow is a wise decision. Holidays are always a good time to let our beard grow. Of course, we will surely want to visit our barber before starting work again. Otherwise, we can always wait for a good time like the "Movember" for instance. On one hand, it allows us to commit a good action by participating in a fundraising and on the other hand, it is an excellent excuse to start to let our beard grow while avoiding judgments of others since it's for a good cause. At the end of the month, we'll see if our beard can fit us and we will want to visit our barber so that he defines his edges and gives him some style.


Homme avec une barbe courte durant les vacances



One shall not neglect his haircut



Obviously, when we decide to grow a beard, we also commit to maintain it every day. However, we must be careful not to neglect our hair. Since during the first weeks of growth, the beard is uneven and have few spots, opting for a beautiful haircut will help to hide its imperfections. It will also help to accentuate the look of others on our haircut rather than on our beard. A good barber will even find the perfect haircut to compliment our beard and make it look more respectable. Depending on the haircut style we had chosen, a hair ointment or a nourishing oil could very well be useful. It must be said that the beard we often want can take 4 to 6 weeks before being as we would like. That said, if we have an important meeting or an important contract to sign, we want to be sure to have a nice haircut to divert attention and be sure to make a good first impression.


Homme avec une barbe courte et une belle coupe de cheveux




Taking good care of our beard and mustache from day one



When we make the decision of growing a beard, we should not expect that it comes without liability. If we take this decision because we are tired to shave, we should perhaps maybe reconsider the latter. For a beard to appear elegant and be acceptable in a work environment, it must be well-groomed. Daily care at home will be necessary to keep our whiskers clean, tidy and in perfect health. Products and tools such as beard oils, beard butters, beard balms, beard shampoo and beard brushes are specially designed to help men maintain beautiful facial hairs. We have to keep in mind that a neat and professional beard can quickly become messy and unprofessional if we stop taking care of it. So, it's important to get our hands on good beard care products right off the bat and develop a good and complete beard grooming routine. Besides having an aesthetic effect, beard care products also prevent problems such as dandruff and itching of the beard. A set of beard care products like this one from the Canadian brand Urban Beard contains everything we need to maintain our beard. To learn how to take care of his beard at home, click here.


Ensemble d'entretien de barbe Ultime de la marque Urban Beard





One should not touch his beard and mustache at work



To stay professional at work while having a beard, we must, of course, make sure it is clean and always looks well maintained. We obviously want to always make a good impression. By cons, even if our beard is on point and blameless, some of our habits with it at work can be unpleasant, even repugnant to our colleagues. If we are used to playing, scratching or massaging our beard throughout the day, we must pay particular attention to do it discreetly and if we can, completely break this bad habit. Even if it has no connotation for us, in the eyes of others who rub shoulders with us, this is not always well seen. Another good convincing reason to stop touching and scratching our beard during the day is that it damages our whiskers. Our fingers in contact with our beard's bristles pick up its oils and dry them, thus accentuating the itching. In the long run, it can even create spots in the beard. If we try to break this habit, but the desire to scratch our beard during the day is too intense, this is often a sign that our beard and underlying skin lack of hydration. If this is our case, we will have to change our beard care routine and use a good beard oil or moisturizing-nourishing oil more often during the day.


Homme noir qui touche sa barbe au travail




Always have a beautiful smile



Like it or not, even if we take good care of it, when our beard becomes complete, if it is dark, it can sometimes make us look more bossy, more intimidating or even more aggressive. Obviously, this is not the type of atmosphere we want to create in our work environment. To be sure that our beard is always well received by our colleagues, staying smiling is one of the best tips. It relaxes the vibe and adds charisma to our personality. In the end, even if we have a professional career, we can definitely sport a magnificent beard while keeping a professional look. We just have to keep it up with good products and tools, keep it short and smile with the world around us. After all, it's not the beard that defines our personality, but ourselves.







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