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Beard oil

Bearded men have been turning heads since long before the New York Times reported that beards were now fashionable, or people like poker player Dan Bilzerian bellwethered the look of the manly beard. There's just a little something—a little pop!—in a well-groomed man that makes you stop and stare. The opposite is true for beard folk—hence the importance of caring for one’s beard. As those of you who have a beard know, this facial ornament comes with its share of problems. Fortunately, there’s one product that can help us—a product we call beard oil. Beard oils are made of conditioning ingredients like grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil. And for those who think that beard oil positively nugatory, think again! Beard oil is essential to maintaining facial hair. Just like their hair, men should take care of their beards. If you're still not convinced that you need to add beard oil to your daily routine, give it a try—and see the results for yourself!


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    Barbaware Men's Grooming

    • All-in-one cologne type nourishing oil formula
    • Fragrance inspired by luxury colognes
    • Unique manly, provocative & seductive scent
    • For beard, shaving & hair
    • Prevents dandruff & itching
    • Nourishes damaged hair
    • Smoothes & revitalize
    • Promote healthy growth
    • Gives protection & shine
    • Helps repair & rejuvenate skin
    • Specifically designed for men in laboratory
    • 100% Natural
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    Save Time & Money

    Looking awesome and feeling stunning in an instant have always been the driving ideas behind the design of our men's Luxure Elixir nourishing oil. Its natural 3 in 1 formula will make you save a lot of time, and who says time, also says money. We know how fast the life can sometimes go and how long and difficult it can be to groom each part of its body individually with different products. For this reason, we offer an all-in-one oil ideal for an everyday use.

    To simplify both morning and evening beard, shaving or hair care sessions of men, we came up with a multipurpose nourishing oil. Our Luxure Elixir nourishing oil can be used first to treat the beard and the skin underneath. It can then be used to prepare the skin before and after shaving. Lastly, it is also very beneficial for the hair. Our nourishing oil definitely has a place in every man's cabinet. Composed only of 100% natural ingredients, it is suitable for all skin types.

    Our Luxure Elixir nourishing oil for the beard, the shaving and the hair comes in a 30 ml amber bottle with a pump cap. To ensure maximum control and respect the highest-quality standards, each of them is produced in a laboratory.



    Our unique all-in-one 100% natural formula was designed in laboratory for the special needs of men's beard, skin, and hair.



    Timeless Desire

    The timeless scent of our natural nourishing oil is the result of a bold and sophisticated fusion that makes it of a truly distinguished character. Combining together power, wealth, sensuality and seduction, it evokes elegance and luxury of a dream life. It has been passionately developed to be as majestic as you are. At once dark, warm and mysterious, it is perfect for everyday life and obviously for close encounters.
    Powerful and complex indeed, but sweet and satisfying at the same time, the scent of this elixir is of long duration and gives an impressive sensation of well-being. Its heart has hot addictive and contagious vanilla notes associated with woodsy notes of amber, musk and sandalwood. Fresh and intense notes of bergamot, lemon, mint, cumin and spices spice up the scent. Giving it a touch of manliness. In contrast, charming subtle notes of lavender, enriched neroli and iris soften it. Finally, the essential oils and alcohol-free base formulation of the perfume of our "Luxure Elixir" nourishing oil makes it suitable for all skin and hair types.


    mix your sophistcated and wild side with this darkly masculine fragrance that will leave yu feeling like amillion bucks.


    Benefits for the beard

    To develop a healthy and silky-looking beard, whether short or long, we must maintain it as well as the skin underneath. Our all-in-one Luxure Elixir nourishing oil is designed to, among other things, help men to always have a sufficiently moisturized beard. The essential oils that compose it like Aloe Vera oil and argan oil give it a powerful nourishing and hydrating power on the beard. Our oil is quickly and easily absorbed by the beard's bristles and makes its way down to the roots to penetrate the skin underneath.
    Two to three drops of our Luxure Elixir oil in a slightly damp beard, one to two times a day, as needed, will be enough to keep your beard and your skin underneath well hydrated. Our oil helps to prevent beard itching and beard dandruff caused by lack of hydration. Finally, its high concentration of Vitamin E makes it perfect for boosting the beard growth, conditioning and strengthening its bristles.


    Benefits for shaving

    In order to obtain superior qualities shaving and to avoid unwanted skin reactions, it is essential to have a good moisturizing routine before and after each shave. Although our nourishing oil can work in combination with creams or shaving soaps, it is excellent for preparing the skin before shaving and for completing the session once shaves are completed.
    The argan and Aloe Verra oils base of our 3-in-1 nourishing oil make it perfect for providing the desired amount of moisturization to beard's bristles and skin before and after shaving. The chamomile oil and vitamin E that compose it give it a curative power. Our Luxure Elixir oil helps relieve and accelerate the healing of irritated skin, inflammations or razor burn. Finally, it also helps to significantly improve the elasticity of the skin and preserve its youthful look.



    Benefits for the hair

    Because its base has a high concentration of pure Moroccan argan oil and chamomile oil, two natural ingredients rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, our 3-in-1 nourishing oil also has its benefits for the hair. Its moisturizing and conditioning power allows it in part to help get soft, silky and radiant hair with a scalp devoid of dandruff. Used on a daily basis, it stimulates hair growth and ensures healthy hair and scalp.
    Our Luxure Elixir nourishing oil also has a strengthening power on hair. In addition to giving them an attractive luster, it helps treat damaged hair and even prevent hair loss. It is also well used to soften and tame curly hair and make hair more manageable. Easy and fast to use, our nourishing oil is ideal to transform the morning haircut. For optimum effect, make sure to have your hair slightly damp before application.



    bottle of luxure elixir nourishing oil by barbaware men's grooming


    every sain has a past every sinner has a future write your own story



    100% Natural

    Crafted with passion using only the highest quality of organic and vegan ingredients, you can trust that you are under good hands. The clear color of this nourishing oil for beards, shaving and hair also makes it ideal for preventing discolouration and yellowing of hair and bristles. Here are the main ingredients used in our nourishing oil. For a complete list of ingredients consult this page.

    argan oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera oil. chamomilla oil, tocopherol oil (vitamin E)



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    Data sheet

    BrandBarbaware Men's Grooming
    Suitable for these skin typesNormal - Oily - Combination - Dry - Sensitive
    Nourishing oil scentVanilla - Sandalwood - Musk - Amber - Bergamot - Lemon - Mint - Lavender - Neroli - Cumin - Iris Flower - Spices
    Nourishing oil size30 ml / 1.0 fl.oz
    Nourishing oil ingredientsMorrocan argan oil - Organic Jojoba oil - Organic chamomile oil - Organic Aloe Verra oil - Vitamine E - Essentials oils blend – Perfume
    Naturally scentedYes
    Synthetic dyes or oilsNo
    Tested on animalsNo
    Filler ingredientsNo
    Made inLaboratory


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