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About us

We wanted our About Us page to have some kind of character, something that would make it out of the ordinary. We told ourselves that we wouldn't just talk about how good we are, like all the other websites do. Because, obviously, we already know we’re good. So I took upon myself to write the thing with my bare hands.



Our story



It all began in 1946, when.... Nah, forget that—we are anything but an old company with an amazing story worthy of a fairy tale. We're just modest modern gentlemen with a vision and a dream. (A dream in which we're all freaking rich, but we’ll save that story for another time.)


Anyway, let's get back to business. barbaware is, in fact, a young business founded by a young team of entrepreneurs from Canada. It's the result of many years of experience in various spheres of international retail and marketing. Over time, as young, eccentric loons in the business world, we had the chance to meet incredible gentlemen with strong values. You know—that old, distinguished, dying breed that seems to have disappeared nowadays?


With a heartfelt need to make things right, once again, for the sake of our generation, we wanted to find a way to connect with the world and share true manhood with all men. You'll agree that—in a world full of Beliebers and Guidos—it is past due that we act. Therefore, after a few comments here and there about our facial hair, we started wondering about our beards. We kept noticing that, not only were beardsmen seen as wanderers, but they were also absent from the Forbes 100 list. Well, that was enough for us to make it a business.


This ain't our first rodeo. Our experienced team bootstrapped the business in a few months, with a few bucks, a geek and a lot of commitment. This new journey then began. We hustled our asses off and pieced together a store which could reflect those values. With this in mind, we do things the old-fashioned way. We purchase our inventory and respond to our customers personally. And we only sell products that we personally support.


With the help of the most precious asset, we've got: our team of awesome people. Francis Boucher, our COO and co-founder, handles everything from product procurement to management and operations. M. Côté-Tremblay takes care of the programming and, you know, all the geek stuff., while M. Austin is our brand advisor. Not to forget myself, the crazy lad who write this whole piece. Well, I am Alexis Daniel, CEO and co-founder. Although writing this might position me as the company spokesman, really, I don't do a damn thing around here.


All joking aside, together we form a united and productive team who's always on the same page regarding the outlook of the business.


So, bottom line: as of right now, you might think that we’re crazy. And you're absolutely right. But who says that insanity is a bad thing? Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must live!


So, yeah. Here we are. We're the new breed of gentlemen, and as someone famous already said; we're not here to take part—we're here to take over!




Thank You So Very Much



Love me a good glass of whiskey on the rocks. And the only reason I can afford it is YOU. So, cheers! How does this sound for an honest thank-you note?


Pretty sure you didn't see this one coming, right? Well, surely you don't know me if you believe that I’m done.


Dead serious time... Now that you've made it so far, I think it's long overdue that everyone here, including me, takes a few minutes to truly thank you and express our gratitude for everything you do.


We realize that we are not alone, that there are many other beard-related shops and brands out there. For you to be here on this website, with us—well, that means the absolute world to all of us. The fact that you would trust and pick us, over all the other great companies that are available, is just freaking awesome.


No words can truly express how thankful we are for all those who support us by buying our products, which makes this incredible journey possible. You may not realize it, but if it were not for YOU, we wouldn't be here, chasing our dreams and changing the world, one person at a time.


It might not mean much to you, but for us, it means everything! As you've probably guessed by now, my team and I don't really fit into the ''mold.'' So to that extent, for us to be able to live our lives our own way, on our own terms, is the greatest thing there is. And you're the only people who are responsible for it—YOU, the person who’s reading this page right now.




So, again, from all of us here at barbaware—from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!



Off hand written Alexis DanieL CEO and Francis Boucher COO signature



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